18 Stellar Life Hack Apps to Help New Parents

Being a brand new parent is hard work. Even if you’re not totally brand new to the whole being a new parent thing, having tiny new humans around is no easy task — regardless if it’s your first or third go around. Actually, we’re still unsure how new parents manage their day to day to do lists without completely loosing it. Here at Postable we’re all about making the task of sending snail mail as easy as sending an email. And while being a brand new parent is crazy hard work, sending out Birth Announcements, Baby Shower Thank You Cards and your general kid-related snail mail doesn’t have to be. This got us to thinking — there must be other sources out there to help new parents take some of the hard work off their shoulders. Life hacks are the bees knees and life hacks for kids are even better.


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Easy Graduation Thank You Cards Because Adulting is Hard

Whether you’ve just celebrated your high school or college graduation, the time to step up your adulting game is now. Before we get too far in depth of introducing you to the whole idea of how to adult, we thought it might make sense to start you off with something obvious. Your graduation thank you notes. Yes, they are really necessary. In fact, thank you notes in general are pretty much an essential part of being a full grown adult, but we’ll get to that later. The good news, however, is that you’re living in the fabulous age of Postable greeting cards. The days of having to buy out-dated greeting cards at a card store, buying stamps at the post office and having to stuff and write your envelopes are over. Adulting doesn’t have to be so hard. At least not the part of adulting that requires you to show your appreciation. You can now mail your graduation thank you cards without ever leaving your computer. Successful graduates in academic dresses are holding diplomas, looking at camera and smiling while jumping for the photo outdoors

To top off the convenience factor, Postable grad thank you cards are also rather bewitching. Check out these 6 graduation thank you cards — all designed by Postable’s talented artists — to write and send all of your cards in no time. Adulting will never again be this easy. 

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17 Cool Father’s Day Gifts via Subscriptions That Dad Will Love

Anything and everything (almost) comes in a monthly box these days. With Father’s Day on the horizon you’ve probably been thinking long and hard on what to get dad for the special day. A monthly box subscription (along with a stellar Father’s Day card) is the gift that keeps on giving — month after month. If you choose wisely — according to your giftee’s tastes — these monthly surprises will likely be a welcomed delight. Wouldn’t you want dad to be delighted well after Father’s Day has come and gone? It can be hard to find the perfect gift for dad, we know. This is why we’ve compiled this Father’s Day gifts list full of manly subscriptions — perfect for Father’s Day this year.

Daughter and mother surprising father with gift at home in the living room, Mother with kids celebrating father's day

And while you’re scrolling, don’t forget to send dad a Father’s Day card. Because a gift is great and all, but it means nothing without a few heartfelt words. You can easily write your Father’s Day card via Postable — we’ll print, address and mail it for you.  Continue reading

15 Really Nice Father’s Day Cards You Can Mail in 60 Seconds

Father’s Day is just around the corner. June 17th will be here well before you know it. And dad deserves a Father’s Day card, wouldn’t you agree? And while our list of funny father’s day cards may be the way to make some dads happy, you know your dad would appreciate something more along the lines of ‘nice’. What does a ‘nice’ Father’s Day card even mean? We’ve compiled 20 such cards here for your viewing pleasure so you don’t have to wait too much longer to find out. You also don’t have to wait to send your dad his Father’s Day card. Just choose the card that is nice-est, write your message and click send. Postable will print, address and mail the card straight to your dad without you ever having to lift a finger. If you think it’s too early to be mailing a Father’s Day card, there’s a tool for that. Use the scheduling option to set the card to go out just in time for Father’s Day. Pretty cool, huh?

Father carrying daughter on back outdoors

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5 Photo Graduation Announcements With Graduation Photo Ideas

You’ve made it to the finish line, holy moly! Congratulations. Making it to graduation is no easy feat, but you did it! All those late nights at the library, group projects and crammed in finals week are finally over. Seriously, how did you ever get through it all? If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have an urge to run around screaming “I’m Done” to anyone who’ll listen, but we’ve got a better idea. Let the people that love and care about you most know about your recent accomplishment with graduation announcements. What better way to share your big news other than in the utmost official manner? You could probably send everyone an official document, but graduation announcements are prettier. Also, that would be weird.

Young Asian Woman Students wearing Graduation hat and gown, Garden background, Woman with Graduation Concept.

If you’ve taken some graduation photos already, you’ll have a million new photos to choose from. We’ve compiled 6 of our favorite photo graduation announcements — all of which you can have mailed without leaving your computer — for your viewing pleasure. You can click on the link below any of these card designs and play around with the templates with your own photos and information. Once you have the right combo, simply enter mailing addresses and click send. Postable will mail your graduation announcements for you. Magic!
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12 Funny Father’s Day Cards For a Dad With a Sense of Humor

Man and little boy with shaving foam on their faces looking into the bathroom mirror and laughing. Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom.Father’s Day is June 17th — that’s just around the corner. Here at Postable, we’re big fans of sending real (physical) greeting cards, especially on occasions that matter — much like Father’s Day. The dads in our lives are constantly showing up and being their awesome dad-selves. Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to show our appreciation. We want to be sure that we celebrate their awesome dad-ness with proper Father’s Day cards! What in the world is a proper Father’s Day card? A real hold-in-your-hand physical card that dad can hold and admire… Or laugh at. Which brings us to our collection of funny Father’s Day cards! If the dads in your lives like a good giggle or two then these funny Father’s Day cards will surely make their day.  Continue reading

20 Questions with Kristen Ley from Thimble Press

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.11.13 AMIn 2011, curiosity got the best of Kristen and she purchased a 1925 Chandler + Price Platen Letterpress from Lexington, KY and hauled it all the way back to Mississippi on a tiny trailer with just one other person as her letterpress-moving sidekick. With the press acquired she decided to open up Thimblepress. Not only is Thimblepress a letterpress studio, it is an art studio, sewing studio, design studio, woodworking studio, and basically anything creative that Kristen wants to try her hand at next. Continue reading

You’re Engaged! Now It’s Time To Talk Finances

Recently engaged? Congrats! But before walking down the aisle, it’s essential for you and your fiancé to be on the same page when it comes to finances. It can be very easy to get swept up in the fun details of planning a wedding, but there are a number of marriage logistics that are important to discuss, including finances. Weddings are expensive, and might be one of the biggest events you plan together as a couple.Two young business people working on a coffee break.

Not to worry! Earnest, a financial lending company, breaks down the real cost of getting married. Here, they’ve broken down 5 important topics for all newly engaged couples to address — sooner than later. Don’t be blindsided and prepare for how much you’ll be spending! Continue reading