How to Write the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

So you’ve opened all the presents, drank all the eggnog and have officially kicked off a mega-plan to finally achieve that New Year’s resolution. The holidays have come and gone and life is back to normal. Forgetting something? Whether you were totally in love with the bounty of gifts you received during the holidays or were flabbergasted by the lack of imagination (or the directions you clearly wrote out), a holiday thank you card is in either case a must. holiday-lights-thank-yousee_button-1

If you’d like to continue receiving those lovely presents for those special occasions (isn’t your birthday like right around the corner?) especially next holiday season, you’ll want to take a few minutes out of your day to write some thank yous. If you’ve never written a thank you card in your life, it’s cool because we’re pretty well-versed in this subject matter.

How to Write the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card:

What & Who?

To start writing your holiday thank you card, you’ll want to write down all the gifts you’ve gotten this past holiday season along with who gave them to you. Hopefully you did this during the holidays, but not to worry if you were a little late this year. Just jot down everything you can remember to get started. 

Choose a card


Write the message

Checkout our Ultimate Guide to Writing a Thank You Note for the perfect outline to writing your greeting, body and sign off. Don’t forget to mention the actual gift!

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