How to Use Groups With Your Postable Address Book

You’ve collected your friends’ and family’s mailing addresses for your free address book and now you’re ready to get even more organized. You wanted a better way to organize your address book and we listened! The new groups feature is here and it’s especially handy if you’re planning your wedding or any event like a baby shower. If you’re using Postable to organize your business addresses, using groups can help you cluster clients into specific categories. The new groups feature lets you gather contacts from your address book into categories so they’re easy to find when you’re writing thank you cards to your bridal party or sending baby shower invites to your closest lady friends.

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You can create groups from your address book by clicking on create ‘new group’ on the right panel. 



You can also access your groups by clicking the down arrow next to All contacts.

If you wanted to write a card to your wedding party, you’d click on ‘groups’ and select the wedding party group. 

To send invites to a whole group, just select them from the drop down menu. 


Is your mind blown yet?!

giphy (11)What are you waiting for? Go. Go to your address book and start organizing right away. Or don’t. That’s cool too. But we’re pretty certain this new groups feature may just change the way you feel about all that is organizable in this world.

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    • Postable

      Hi Melanie!

      If you export your address book, there will be a column titled ‘groups’ — you can sort by this column and only use what you need.

      Hope that helps.

  • Cassidy Whiteman

    I have all of my addresses for my wedding, and I told me mom we can use them for my shower, and just have you guys send the invites. Is there any way to separate the couples? Just send them to the ladies? Also, it would be nice if you had an option to organize list with the Mr. or Mrs. first. So the lists are uniform one way or the other.

    • Regina Postrekhina
      Regina Postrekhina


      We’re working on a way to only address the flat cards to just one contact, but you can always edit them individually on the envelope review stage. You can choose the formal or super formal title option for the flat envelopes and so long as the titles are in your address book, they will appear. If you need any other help, feel free to email, they’ll help you out 🙂

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