How to Send Holiday Cards in 5 Minutes

During the Holidays, you should be spending time with your family watching re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and drinking copious amounts of eggnog. The holidays are not the time of year that you should be spending hours scrambling to organize your holiday cards. Seriously, why?! Nobody likes trying to neatly write out all those addresses or spend hours stuffing each envelope. It’s not fun and should be taken out of your holiday to-do list immediately. Instead, you can spend a few minutes filling and updating your address book and then come back to find it nicely organized for you. holiday14When you’re ready to get those Holiday cards on the road (or in the mail) you can spend another 5 minutes or so clicking a few buttons, uploading a few images and voila! Your Holiday cards will be taken care of without the carpal tunnel and wasted time. How you ask?! Great question. Checkout this handy-dandy infographic on how to send holiday cards in 5 minutes. 


But how?! What sorcery is this, you ask?! It’s Postable. We take care of all the hassle of holiday cards while you get to play with super awesome Holiday card designs. Let us take you through the greatest new holiday tradition you’ll be adding this year. Checkout Postable’s bewitching selection of Holiday cards!


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