How to send automated birthday cards with Postable

Automated birthday cards are here! Schedule all of your birthday cards for the year and you never have to worry about forgetting another birthday. People will be thanking you out of thin air. Postable’s automated birthday cards are especially great for companies to send birthday cards to clients and customers (check out our logo card templates that you can customize using your own text, logo and color scheme).

There’s two ways you can create your auto birthday cards. The first is by going to stri

Step 1 Choose a card


Step 2 Click ‘Auto Birthday’

Under the green ‘Options’ button, you’ll see the Auto Birthday tool — click on this to get started. Then follow the site’s prompts to create you automated birthday cards.

Auto_bday_fromOptions Auto_bday_letsdoit Step 3. Select Recipients & Write a message

If you’d like to select everyone in your address book or specific groups within your Postable address book, click the green ‘Options’ button and select the option that works for you.
Auto_bday_select If you’d like to add more people to an existing automated birthday card project, you can always do so by going back into the project and selecting the recipients under the ‘Add’ tab.

Send some Automated Birthday Cards now!

Make sure you’re logged into your Postable account and your address book is filled up. Don’t forget to include the birthdays for your contacts. Each message will be customized with the recipient’s first name. Once you’ve written your master message, you’ll have the option to customize any of the messages in the Review tab.

Within just a few minutes, you’ll have set up your automated birthday cards that will be automatically mailed directly to your clients throughout the year. Easy Peasy. If you’d like help designing a custom birthday card design for your business, just reach out to



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