How To Postable: Carbon Copy


If you’ve been using Postable to send your greeting cards for a while. you probably already know that there are a ton of features to help you make sending your snail mail easy.

The Carbon Copy feature allows you to create many cards with the same message while still customizing the first name of the recipient in one fell swoop. Here is your tutorial on how to find and use this tool for yourself.

1. Once you’ve chosen and customized your folded card, you’ll be taken to your writing desk. Click the Options drop down menu right above your list of contacts.Artboard 1_opitonsArtboard 2_opitons2. You’ll see Carbon Copy as one of these options. Artboard 3_opitons3. ¬†Hit the ‘Let’s Do it’ button to get started.Artboard 4_opitons4. Select & save your recipients¬†and you’ll be ready to write your master message and checkout.
Artboard 5_opitons




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