How to Make Your Bestie’s Birthday the Best Day Ever

Your BFF’s birthday is right around the corner and it’s pretty much your job to make sure their special day is well, special. Here at Postable, we take birthdays pretty damn seriously (without being serious of course). So, we thought we’d give you some snazzy ideas on how to make your bestie’s day one they’re not likely to forget (or maybe unlikely to remember… no judgement here). These ideas can totally be used for other special folks’ birthdays if maybe adjusted accordingly– girlfriends/boyfriends, roommates, parents etc.


Birthday sprinkle pancakes.

First, you’ll want to kickoff your bestie’s birthday off with a BANG! Nothing says ‘You’re the specialist person ever’ than a giant stack of pancakes covered in rainbow sprinkles and a birthday candle. If you make them from scratch, that’ll definitely be a plus (yummy recipe here).
117b07bdc2121fd63d2b5b3e30a9dad6via The House Of Hendrix

The birthday card. 

bday2see_button-1If you’re not going to send them a birthday card, you may as well forget the whole making them feel special thing. The birthday card is like a tiny birthday kickoff to the rest of your planned extravaganza! Just to be sure you don’t forget, you can also schedule the birthday card well ahead of time so you can focus on the rest of the birthday planning

A balloon birthday surprise? Yes. Please.

What’s that!? A knock on the door, you say?! Who wouldn’t love to get a surprise box filled with colorful birthday balloons? Seriously, even the gloomiest of birthday mornings can be made bright with this little gift. balloon_boxvia postris

A birthday wall of happy thoughts. 

Getting older can suck sometimes… But not really if you have someone make a personal wall of happy thoughts with cards! How neat is this?! Fill each envelope with a delightful birthday card and you’ve pretty much made their day.4cd07664222cd3e409419967ca00db2evia Oh Happy Day

Making your bestie (girlfriend/boyfriend, roommmate, mom/dad… whoever) feel special on their birthday will be your favorite thing to do all year. Well besides your own birthday when your bestie will no doubt return the favor. Have other awesome ideas to making a birthday the best day ever? Share them in the comments!


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