How to Collect Mailing Addresses For Your Wedding (In 5 Minutes)

You’re engaged! Yay! We hope you’re taking the time to bask in all of your well deserved love glory. And while you’re enjoying endless flowing champagne and showing off your shiny new ring you may’ve already started thinking about your wedding guest list and all those mailing addresses you’ll be needing. Ok, maybe you’re not thinking about that yet… but you will be… Much sooner than you think (cue scary music).

Fortunately we here at Postable have created a solution to the extremely specific problem of getting a bunch of people’s mailing addresses for a wedding (cue happy music). So you’ll be able to send your Save the Dates, Invitations and Thank You Cards stress-free. In fact we can even mail them for you if you want but that’s another blog post.

Okay How easy is it really?

(1) Sign up for a free Postable account
(2) We give you a personal link (
(3) Email it to everybody
(4) They click the link, fill out a quick form & their info magically appears in your address book! So easy!

Pretty Great, right? Sign up for your free Postable address book now.

Here’s a simple mini-tutorial on how to find your link & send it to your guests.

Still not sure how you’re going to collect mailing addresses for your wedding? Here it is as a pinteresting infographic…


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