How Not to Procrastinate on Your Graduation Thank You Notes

You’ve spent the last four years working hard and probably have a lot of experience in the procrastination department. But as you probably have already learned (seeing as how you’re all educated and what not) procrastinating usually comes to kick you in the butt. So when it comes to your graduation thank you notes, the best course of action is to get those bad boys out of the way asap… That way you can get on with your post-studying life and do all the other fun adult stuff (like pay your bills on time).grad ty headersee_buttonIf you’re stressing about those graduation thank you cards, we’ve got a pretty simple solution for you. Because we know how important the post-graduation summer really is (you’ve got a whole lot of beach bumming to do).G1see_button

Step 1.

Make a simple list of all the gifts you’ve gotten & the giver’s name.
[Pro tip]: If you don’t have all the mailing addresses you can email/face book message/text etc. them your very own Postable link to collect their mailing addresses

Step 2.

Go to and choose one the many graduation thank you card designs… You can even upload one of your stunning senior photos!

Step 3.

Write all of your graduation thank you notes right then and there (straight from your computer) & checkout. Postable will print & mail them all out for you.
[Pro tip]: If you have no idea what to write, check out our Ultimate Guide to writing a thank you noteG5see_button

That’s it. Now, go off and enjoy your newfound freedom (because it probably won’t last long)!

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