7 Scenarios Where Thank You Cards Take the Cake.


Thank You Card > E-mail

Is there even an argument here? Everyone knows that getting an actual card in the mail means more than digging out an e-mail out of hundreds of others. Text messages and e-mails are awesome for quick and efficient correspondence not a meaningful or personal message.

There’s no competition.

Sending a personal thank you card is not reserved for Weddings and Bat Mitzvahs. Here’s 7 scenarios where writing a Thank You card is a must.

1. Job interview follow up 


Do you really think that e-mail you’re about to send is going to stand out amongst the hundreds of other e-mails the hiring manager is going to receive today? No matter how eloquently you’ve expressed your appreciation your e-mail will likely go unnoticed. Now, let’s imagine for a hot second the moment the hiring manager receives that one beautiful envelope with a personal thank you inside. The job is as good as yours.

2. Piles & piles of gifts


Did ya get hitched? Turn 16? Graduate from pre-k? Whatever. Did you just come into a large (or small) sum of gifts? You’re not really considering writing a mass e-mail and hitting send? Seriously? The least you could do is paste that e-mail into the contents of an awesome thank you card. Tweak a few things and then click send. Being thankful has never been easier.


3. Awesome neighbors


You live in a 4th floor walk up and your 1st floor neighbor helped lug your bags of potatoes and milk jugs (or whatever) up all 4 flights of stairs. Do you really think a quick thanks in a text message is going to cut it?

 4. Grandma made you a pie


If nothing else, a homemade apple pie is the best example where a real-life Thank You card is in order.

5. Your tour guide cousin


It’s your vacation, not theirs. As much as you think spending time with you while taking time off work is your family’s definition of the best-week-ever, you’re wrong. Make sure to thank them for their hospitality (not to mention putting up with you).

6. You turned out OK


If you turned out to be a semi-awesome to mega-awesome human, the likelihood that someone had something to do with it is pretty high. Mom & Dad? Your High school algebra teacher? Uncle Jerry? Let’s be honest, have you thanked them? Taking a few minutes out of your day to type out a personalized thank you card is the least you can do.

There’s really no limit on occasions where a thank you is in order. What other occasions prompted you to write a thank you card?


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