What Makes This Free Online Address Book So Easy-to-Use

Man and woman sitting in street cafe with laptopThe rumors are true. Postable’s free online address book really is THAT great. In the age of all-things-digital, having an online address book can come in real handy. Think you’ll never need someone’s physical mailing address? Think again. How will you send that personal birthday card or send out those thank you notes for your kid’s latest birthday party. Surely you don’t think sending a quick text message on your mom’s birthday is going to cut it? Or think posting a giant ‘Thank you’ on your relative’s Facebook walls is sufficient? Personal birthday and thank you cards are kind of a must. Sending snail mail is all part of being an adult, but collecting and organizing mailing addresses doesn’t have to suck. On that note, sending snail mail can be as easy as sending an email with Postable. Just pick a card, write your message, choose your recipient from your handy free online address book and click send. Postable does the rest. Yes. It’s that easy. Continue reading

The 5 Minute Holiday Card (Because Who’s Got Time For That?)

You’ve heard the rumors and now you’re here wondering if they could possibly be true. Yes. You can take care of your holiday cards in all of 5 minutes. The 5 minute holiday card is not an urban legend! And don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for sake of ease. 

But how?!?

Postable. That’s how. 

The process couldn’t be easier. First you’ll import a spreadsheet filled with your contact’s mailing information. Then you’ll choose and customize the holiday card that really tickles your fancy. Finally, you’ll select your recipients and checkout. That’s it! 

Mind blown yet? 

Checkout Postable’s bewitching collection of holiday cards here.


5 Reasons to Schedule Your Holiday Cards Right Now

You may not be thinking about holiday cards just yet. October is still chugging along and Halloween is just around the corner. You’re probably still in the mindset of thinking you’ve got about a million years before you even have to begin thinking about the holidays. There’s a bunch more life you’ve got to get through before the holiday list even begins to make it’s way into the fore front of your mind. Are we getting closer? Why would you wan to think about holiday cards right now? 
close up of calendar on the table

Well, we’re the kind to think ahead and the idea of dealing with holiday cards *during* the holiday rush gives us the willies. There are about a million other things we’ll want to be doing during the festivities. Like decorating Christmas trees and hosting dinner parties and drinking endless egg nog and baking cookies and the list can go on. The holidays are the most exciting time of the year. Surely you actually want to enjoy them and spend your time doing fun holiday things like eating cookies. Who doesn’t like to eat cookies, right?! While sending holiday cards is totally awesome — really really awesome — we still stand by the idea of scheduling them early one. 

Why hold off on doing your holiday cards for the busiest time of the year when you can take care of them now without sacrificing quality? You can literally schedule your holiday cards in like 5 minutes without even leaving your couch. (How to schedule your holiday cards <—)e2

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How to Order a Box of Holiday Cards

If you’re one of those people who’d prefer to go to the post office to send out your holiday cards from your own town, you’re probably going to want to order a box of holidays instead of having Postable mail them for you. Getting a head start is a good idea. This way you’ll avoid the holiday rush delivery times and your box of holiday cards will be waiting for you when you’re ready to mail them out.HP11see_button-1

And remember… Even if you’d like the box of cards, you can still choose to get them pre-stamped and/or pre-addressed for you. If you’re not sure how to order your box of holiday cards here is a nifty little tutorial! Continue reading

8 Features To Make Sending Holiday Cards a Total Breeze

The holidays are practically upon us. Well, sort of. But we’re already thinking about which Season’s Greetings card design we’re going to send out this year. And thanks to Postable’s easy tools, we’re able to mail out holiday cards without wanting to pull out our hair. There’s no excel spreadsheet and calls to make in order to collect mailing addresses. There’s no stamps to lick until we’re sick to our tummies. We’re so excited about these tools, in fact, that we wanted to share some of the fun with you all. Here are 8 features to make sending holiday cards a total breeze this holiday season (and every season thereafter).

[Updated for the 2018 holiday season!]

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7 Print Marketing Use-Cases To Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out

Real estate agents, like any small business owners, are always looking for the best way to stay in touch with their past, current & future clients. And for good reason. With so much competition you have to make your business stand out in a crowd of many. While e-mail marketing can be a great way to keep your Realty business out in front of your clients, it’s not exactly earth shattering. The minute the delete button gets clicked, all memory of your branding gets wiped away.header Continue reading

3 Tips To Make Your Own Card Look Spectacular

As much as you love the Postable selection of designer greeting cards, you’ve found yourself itching for a card that you can upload your own photo onto. We totally get it. Who wouldn’t want to send a card with their own smiling face on the front?! Make your own card or use one of the photo templates to customize an existing design. Postable has a bunch of great custom greeting cards to choose from. Whatever occasion you’re looking for, chances are Postable will have a photo card that you’ll love. Looking for a birthday card where you can upload your own photo? Here’s a good one. How about a thank you card you can upload your wedding photos to? Here’s one. (Pro tip: at the top of every card category page, you can choose to filter the selection to only see the cards that are customizable.)Custom_Card_Tips_Header

If you’ve created a design totally of your own making and want a completely blank slate to upload your design — we got you covered. Use one of Postable’s Make Your Own Card templates to send one of your very own creations. Continue reading

How to Finish Your Wedding Thank You Notes (In Record Time)

Are you dreading the big task of writing out all of your wedding thank you notes — and you haven’t even walked down the aisle just yet? Perhaps you’re already feeling overwhelmed with the engagement thank yous you still need to write. All of your friends and family have been very generous and they all deserve a proper thank you note. But the idea of writing hundreds of thank you notes is starting to give you nightmares of giant thank you notes chasing you down a dark alley. Yikes. Stress level through the roof.

Not to worry. Wedding thank you notes don’t have to take forever. And they most certainly don’t have to stress you out. Getting those bad boys out of the way as soon as you’ve returned from the post-wedding honeymoon is so much easier than you think. Just think — you’ll be able to get them finished (yes, really) in record time.TY_wedding_header

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