How to Finish Your Wedding Thank You Notes (In Record Time)

Writing wedding thank you notes doesn’t have to take all year. In fact, you really should get them out as soon as you get the gifts (within 3 months). Does that sound impossible? Nope. Totally possible. Postable’s handy wedding thank you notes will get printed and mailed out for you. You just need to get yourself a little organized & those thank you notes will be done in record time! TY_wedding_header Continue reading

How Not to Procrastinate on Your Graduation Thank You Notes

You’ve spent the last four years working hard and probably have a lot of experience in the procrastination department. But as you probably have already learned (seeing as how you’re all educated and what not) procrastinating usually comes to kick you in the butt. So when it comes to your graduation thank you notes, the best course of action is to get those bad boys out of the way asap… That way you can get on with your post-studying life and do all the other fun adult stuff (like pay your bills on time).grad ty headersee_button Continue reading

10 Articles to Help You Navigate Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette can be a tricky path to follow. So many unwritten rules that you’re expected to somehow already know. Who to invite and when? What to include on the wedding invites?! How about the wedding website?! AH! Wedding planning and preparation tends to overwhelm even the most organized and savviest of brides. It’s hard enough to focus on the ever growing to do list than to have to keep up appearances. Booking the venue, florist, wedding photographer etc. The to-do lis feels endless. While getting help from every which corner of your life takes some of the load off your shoulders, it also adds yet another obstacle. With so many people involved in planning and executing a wedding it seems like you’re running a political campaign half the time. Treading carefully becomes an art form. But where in the world are you supposed to step? Wedding etiquette can be a bit hard to follow — especially if you have no idea what it is. A7_card_envelope_V_02

Not to worry. We’ve scoured the world of online wedding etiquette breakdowns so that you’ll know exactly what pitfalls to avoid any crisis. Everything you need to know about planning the wedding, engagement do’s and don’ts, along with everything you’ll ever need to know about your wedding mail etiquette is right here in this handy post. Relax, you’re no longer in the dark on wedding etiquette.

Then again, this is your wedding so if there’s a ‘rule’ that doesn’t vibe with you and your fiancé then it’s a rule that’s meant to be broken. It’s your wedding, do whatever makes you happy.

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How to Postable: Adding Blank Cards to Your Cart

You’ve created the perfect card. You’ve written a message or two (or three) in said card to get mailed directly to the recipients. You’ve made it all the way to checkout when you realize just how beautiful this card is… You must have a blank copy for yourself (maybe even 10). How To PostableYou get the picture, you may find yourself in the cart yearning for a blank version of the card you just created. OR you may want to send yourself blank cards to begin with. Not a problem. Checkout the mini-tutorial below to find out just where to click to make this happen. Continue reading

20 Ways to Start Off A Greeting Card

So you know how to sign off a greeting card thanks to our handy-dandy post on 55 ways to sign off a greeting card, but do you know how to start one?! Not to worry, we’ve decided to give you a diverse set of options just for you. And if you’re about to embark on a thank you note writing journey, you may be interested in checking out the ultimate guide to writing a thank you note (because you’re definitely not the only one who doesn’t know). 

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How to Postable: Ordering a Box of Cards

Everyone knows that Postable makes sending snail mail as easy as email, but did you know we can also mail you a box of cards? Sure, we print, address and mail the cards out for you, but if you’re feeling crafty and want to write the cards yourself or place an extra photo inside we’ll mail you a box. You can choose to have the envelopes addressed or not and we can even mail you a box of cards with messages already inside. Whatever you fancy, we got you covered. HowTo

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How to Send Your Save the Dates in 5 Minutes

So you’ve heard about all sorts of crazy wedding hacks that will make planning your wedding a breeze. But none of those hacks will compare to Postable. But don’t take our word for it. Imagine all the time you would typically need to mail out your save the dates. This means collecting mailing addresses from relatives & friends, finding the perfect save the date design and having them printed and mailed to you… Only then you must painstakingly address hundreds of envelopes only to re-do each one like a million because your handwriting is not what you thought it was.


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