How to Collect Mailing Addresses for Holiday Cards

holiday-address-bookThe bells are jingling! Can you hear them!?! Ok, so it seems like it’s a little early to be thinking about holidays, but not really. The holidays can be such a hectic time of the year and we’re doing everything we can to help make your Holidays less stressful and more awesome by sending your Holiday cards for you. Getting an early head start to getting organized with your holidays is the best way to lessen the stressful blow when they finally hit.

If you take a few minutes (yes, minutes!) to collect and update your mailing addresses now, sending your holiday cards will be a breeze later. You should be spending more time drinking eggnog by the fire with your family, not making frantic phone calls to try and update your mailing addresses. Am I right?! Continue reading

How to Send Holiday Cards in 5 Minutes

During the Holidays, you should be spending time with your family watching re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and drinking copious amounts of eggnog. The holidays are not the time of year that you should be spending hours scrambling to organize your holiday cards. Seriously, why?! Nobody likes trying to neatly write out all those addresses or spend hours stuffing each envelope. It’s not fun and should be taken out of your holiday to-do list immediately. Instead, you can spend a few minutes filling and updating your address book and then come back to find it nicely organized for you. holiday14 Continue reading

Stress-Free Holiday Countdown Timeline

artboard-2It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is creeping up just around the corner and for those of you who would prefer to keep your head from exploding, this stress-free holiday countdown is exactly what you need. Getting a head start on the holidays will make the time you have so much more enjoyable, why not jump start some organization!? Continue reading

How to Collect Wedding Addresses In 5 Minutes

You got engaged. Many congrats to you! We hope you’re really taking the time to bask in the newly engaged glory. And while you’re enjoying endless flowing champagne and showing off your shiny new ring you’ve probably already started thinking about your wedding guest list and all those wedding addresses you don’t yet have. Ok, maybe you’re not thinking about that yet… but you will be… Much sooner than you think.1_Instagram_SaveTheDates Continue reading

10 Wedding Hacks You Need to Know

savethedatePlanning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming (and by a ‘bit’ we mean a-whole-lot). If you’ve begun the process of getting ready for your special day, you probably already have an idea of how hectic things can get and just how quickly. With all this going on, a few helpful wedding hacks is just what you need.

Check out our 10 wedding hacks and maybe your head will stop spinning. Continue reading

8 Things to Include in Your Wedding Website

Did you get engaged and started to feel a panic attack forming somewhere in the depths of your soul? Don’t worry, wedding planning doesn’t have to make your head explode. This is one of those wonderfully magical oh-so-exciting times in your life that you should enjoy! If you’ve already managed to pick out your Save the Dates and have started thinking about your wedding website, we’re here to help.

It can be hard to navigate the dos & don’ts of weddings so we’ve made a list of 8 things you’ll want to include in your wedding website.

First of all, this is for you… If having a great wedding website makes you all fuzzy inside, then great! Don’t get wrapped up in all the drama if having a greatest-ever wedding website is not really something you’re into. Be honest with yourself and put in just the right amount of effort. You can still have a wedding website without going all out.

Don’t forget to include your wedding website on your invites!

weddingwebsite Continue reading