How to Write the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

So you’ve opened all the presents, drank all the eggnog and have officially kicked off a mega-plan to finally achieve that New Year’s resolution. The holidays have come and gone and life is back to normal. Forgetting something? Whether you were totally in love with the bounty of gifts you received during the holidays or were flabbergasted by the lack of imagination (or the directions you clearly wrote out), a holiday thank you card is in either case a must. holiday-lights-thank-you Continue reading

How To Schedule Your Holiday Cards

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already way in over your head with the holiday to do list. So why not get the holiday cards part out of the way now and be delighted with phone calls come December? You can schedule all of your holiday cards to get mailed out at a later date now so you can put your attention on the Thanksgiving meal!

Follow these easy steps once at checkout:
1. Click the Schedule Cards buttonschedule_cards_012. Choose the day you’d like your cards to arrive by.schedule_cards_02

3. That’s it! Sit back and eat some roasted marshmallows (because why not?).


5 Holiday Card Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

The holidays can easily be a minefield full of etiquette traps you really don’t want to fall into. The last thing you’ll want to hear is an hour long lecture on holiday card etiquette from your mother-in-law when you’re up to your ears with hosting holiday parties and wrapping gifts. To avoid that catastrophe, checkout this list of holiday card etiquette tips and steer clear of the phone (just in case). holiday_etiquette Continue reading

How to Collect Mailing Addresses for Holiday Cards

holiday-address-bookThe bells are jingling! Can you hear them!?! Ok, so it seems like it’s a little early to be thinking about holidays, but not really. The holidays can be such a hectic time of the year and we’re doing everything we can to help make your Holidays less stressful and more awesome by sending your Holiday cards for you. Getting an early head start to getting organized with your holidays is the best way to lessen the stressful blow when they finally hit.

If you take a few minutes (yes, minutes!) to collect and update your mailing addresses now, sending your holiday cards will be a breeze later. You should be spending more time drinking eggnog by the fire with your family, not making frantic phone calls to try and update your mailing addresses. Am I right?! Continue reading

How to Send Holiday Cards in 5 Minutes

During the Holidays, you should be spending time with your family watching re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and drinking copious amounts of eggnog. The holidays are not the time of year that you should be spending hours scrambling to organize your holiday cards. Seriously, why?! Nobody likes trying to neatly write out all those addresses or spend hours stuffing each envelope. It’s not fun and should be taken out of your holiday to-do list immediately. Instead, you can spend a few minutes filling and updating your address book and then come back to find it nicely organized for you. holiday14 Continue reading