16 Cards To Get You Giggling

Sometimes you just need a giggle. You know? Why not send someone a giggle inducing card with a warm and fuzzy personal message from you on the inside? No need to even leave your couch. Postable will print, address and mail the card for you. Yes, the real old-school snail mail card in an envelope and everything.

Which giggle card is your favorite?

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9 Festive Company Holiday Cards You Can Mail in 5 Minutes

The holidays are a great time for companies to touch base with their customers and wish them a Happy Holiday season. Despite what email marketing has done for you, sending a Happy Holidays email will only go so far. If you want to create and cultivate a close relationship with your customer base and develop a loyal following, you’re going to need to send real holiday cards. The ones that your customers can feel and touch and see just how special they are for being a part of your organization.

The holidays are also a very busy time for companies. Sales and services are at a peak high so taking time out to send hundreds of holiday cards is close to impossible. Postable makes it easy for you to send out real personalized company holiday cards ahead of time and only take 5 minutes of your time. Yes, really.

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Here are our pick for festive company holiday cards that you can mail in 5 minutes (right now for the holidays).

1 2

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Early Bird Holiday Cards Box Sale

If you’re one of those people who like to get an early start on everything (like holiday cards) then this sale is for you! If you’d rather mail the cards out yourself (and not have us mail them for you), then you should definitely take advantage of this Early Bird Holiday Box Sale!

holiday_box_smallTake 25% off your order of boxed holiday cards by using code EARLYBOX.

Not sure how to order a box? We got you covered with this teeny tutorial.

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* Coupon valid through Monday 10/09

7 Halloween Cards To Send Your Squad

Halloween is around the corner (even if it doesn’t feel like it). Everyone knows that a squad that sends cards to each other is a squad that sticks together (that’s a saying, right?).

Anyway, Halloween cards are fun and spooky so why wouldn’t you send your friends some love? Here’s our pick of 7 Halloween cards to send your squad (right now — Postable will literally mail them for you so you don’t even have to leave your couch).

1. The classic Halloween card for the Frankenstein lover in your squad. That’s a thing, right?

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Places You Can Donate To Puerto Rico Right Now

Puerto Rico needs our help and if you’re willing and able, here are some organizations that are raising funds to help the region. The best way to help is by donating cash, rather than supplies, so that organizations can quickly route the money where it’s needed most.

United for Puerto Rico


Center for Popular Democracy  

Hispanic Federation’s ‘Unidos’ page

International Medical Corps


Direct Relief

Global Giving



8 Halloween Party Invites You Can Send Right Now

Are you one of those people who have their Halloween costumes picked out months in advance?! Or are you the type to throw together a baller costume the night of the 30th? Either way, if you’re as excited about Halloween as us you’re probably jumping up and down right now. No? Well, you will be once you find out these spooky awesome Halloween party invites can be mailed for you! Throw the Halloween party you’ve been dreamin’ up without having to dig around for stamps. Stay classy without all the hassle. 🙂halloween_halloween_02see_button-1 Continue reading