18 Cute Greeting Cards For Kids

Snail mail is pretty awesome, we can all agree on that. Right? Everyone loves the feeling of getting an envelope in the mail with their name on it (of the non-bill variety). The excitement is real. Well, why not share this glorious ritual with the kids in our lives? There are about a million reasons to send a card to someone (here are 67 reasons to get you started) and sending greeting cards for kids is no exception. They’re people too, you know. Sending cards to kids can be a great way to introduce them to the lifelong habit of writing proper thank you cards and can even play a role in helping kids practice to read (and write)!header

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Instagram Giveaway: Win Free Cards This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so we thought this would be the perfect time to give away some $$$! Have an Instagram? This is your chance to win a whole lotta free cards. postalove_instagramWe want you to share the love! Winning free cards is easy peasy, just follow the steps below.

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That’s a whole lotta Valentine’s Day Cards (or pretty much any other card on Postable).

28 Cute Valentine’s Day Cards For All Your Valentines

So the new year has come and gone. January is winding down which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And while we know how excited you are for alllll the chocolate and all flowers, don’t forget about the cards! We’ve got a bewitching collection of cute valentine’s day cards here for pretty much everyone you’ll be calling your Valentine this year. Just remember to make your selection early and get those cards in the mail! You can even schedule your cards to go out just in time for Valentine’s Day so you don’t forget to send them. Cute-valentines-day-cards

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New [New] Years Cards!

Yes, we did. New [new] years cards are up and ready for you to send to your heart’s desires. It’s not too late to still send out those New Years cards! If you didn’t have time to send holiday cards this last season (and even if you did), why not opt for some new year cheer? Everyone you know is probably still trudging along on their new years resolutions and getting a lovely reminder that it’s a new year will give them that little push that they need. Who wouldn’t want to be an inspirational guru of the New Years sort? Did we lose you? Point is… It’s never actually too late for that new years card.

Checkout some of our newest new years cards below or click here to checkout the entire collection.



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5 (1)send_button-1-1


And if you don’t have a shiny new photo you’d like to use and want to include a personal new years greetings, this brilliant new card (see what we did there?) is one of our top sellers. 1 (1)send_button-1-1


Win FREE holiday cards Instagram Giveaway!

Want free holiday cards?

holiday_giveaway_2017Rules to enter:

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Whoa. ‘Tis the season.