13 Delightful Just Because Cards To Brighten Someone’s Day

Wouldn’t you love it if someone sent you a delightful little card just because. No specific occasion, no birthday or holiday… But just because they were thinking of you? How much would that brighten your day? A lot. That’s how much. So why not be that someone?

1. Sometimes you just need a high five, you know?! Why not give your friend some encouragement… Who knows what hurdles they’ll be overcoming the day they get this card. 13send_button-1 Continue reading

10 Yummy [& Easy] Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14th. You’ve probably been racking your brain for ideas on how to make mom’s day special. There’s no better place to start than the morning, why of course! Treat mom before she even has the chance to start her day. Here are some fun (and oh so easy) breakfast in bed ideas for mom! Don’t worry, even if your attempt doesn’t quite match the pretty pictures, she’ll totally love the effort.

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