6 Adorable Baby Shower Themes You Can Actually Use

The first step to hosting a stellar baby shower is choosing a stellar baby shower theme. It can be really fun (and easy) to start to get ahead of yourself with planning all the little details for the big day — the tiny bottle drinks and the colorful banners. But before you go too far into planning all the minor details, you’ll want to start by looking at the bigger picture. Choosing baby shower themes can be a bit overwhelming at first. But once you’ve chosen one, it will help you with the rest of the planning by being the central focal point. If you’re short on time — who isn’t — then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of the internet’s (thanks to the delightful wide world of Pinterest) most exciting baby shower themes with ideas that you can actually use.Female friends meeting for baby shower at home. Woman hugging expecting mother at baby shower. Continue reading

10 Cute Slumber Party Invitations & Ideas You Can Actually Use

Remember the good ole’ school days of having your friends over for dinner, running around the neighborhood and hosting friends over for slumber parties? Watching movies, eating snacks and chit chatting the night away with your besties? Ok, so maybe you’re doing all of that now — awesome! Perhaps your kiddos have been wanting to host a slumber party of their own and while you’re totally up to speed when it comes to adult snacking (hellllo red wine & cheese), the kids have a slightly different idea of what tasty looks like. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with all things slumber party related — from the cutest slumber party invitations to decorations your kids will love (and ones you can actually do).
Happy boy playing at home in a tent

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46 Apps to Help With Adulting

So you’ve graduated from school, said good-bye to all of your college buddies and have moved away to a brand new city into a brand new place. Everything is new and shiny. Until you realize that nobody told you how to adult. What’s a bill? Thank you notes are a must? Did someone say something about cooking? Your head might be spinning, but not to worry — there’s an app for there. Actually an app for all of that. Being an adult isn’t as scary as it sounds — at least not for the most part. Yes, your responsibility to-do list has more than likely doubled in the last few months, but embrace it! Go ahead and bask in your new adulting glory and go forth to slay all that has to do with being grown AF. After all, now you can eat all the ice cream you want and nobody will judge you (well, mostly nobody). That’s the beauty of being all grown up.Attractive cheerful brunette woman reading sms near the stone wall and using 4g internetOn the down side, there’s a bunch of new stuff you have to take care of and not much more time. Thankfully you’re new to adulting in the age of all things tech. There’s an app for everything — including how to adult. We’ve compiled the ultimate list here just for you so browse away and be the best adult version of yourself possible. Continue reading

18 Stellar Life Hack Apps to Help New Parents

Being a brand new parent is hard work. Even if you’re not totally brand new to the whole being a new parent thing, having tiny new humans around is no easy task — regardless if it’s your first or third go around. Actually, we’re still unsure how new parents manage their day to day to do lists without completely loosing it. Here at Postable we’re all about making the task of sending snail mail as easy as sending an email. And while being a brand new parent is crazy hard work, sending out Birth Announcements, Baby Shower Thank You Cards and your general kid-related snail mail doesn’t have to be. This got us to thinking — there must be other sources out there to help new parents take some of the hard work off their shoulders. Life hacks are the bees knees and life hacks for kids are even better.


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Easy Graduation Thank You Cards Because Adulting is Hard

Whether you’ve just celebrated your high school or college graduation, the time to step up your adulting game is now. Before we get too far in depth of introducing you to the whole idea of how to adult, we thought it might make sense to start you off with something obvious. Your graduation thank you notes. Yes, they are really necessary. In fact, thank you notes in general are pretty much an essential part of being a full grown adult, but we’ll get to that later. The good news, however, is that you’re living in the fabulous age of Postable greeting cards. The days of having to buy out-dated greeting cards at a card store, buying stamps at the post office and having to stuff and write your envelopes are over. Adulting doesn’t have to be so hard. At least not the part of adulting that requires you to show your appreciation. You can now mail your graduation thank you cards without ever leaving your computer. Successful graduates in academic dresses are holding diplomas, looking at camera and smiling while jumping for the photo outdoors

To top off the convenience factor, Postable grad thank you cards are also rather bewitching. Check out these 6 graduation thank you cards — all designed by Postable’s talented artists — to write and send all of your cards in no time. Adulting will never again be this easy. 

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17 Cool Father’s Day Gifts via Subscriptions That Dad Will Love

Anything and everything (almost) comes in a monthly box these days. With Father’s Day on the horizon you’ve probably been thinking long and hard on what to get dad for the special day. A monthly box subscription (along with a stellar Father’s Day card) is the gift that keeps on giving — month after month. If you choose wisely — according to your giftee’s tastes — these monthly surprises will likely be a welcomed delight. Wouldn’t you want dad to be delighted well after Father’s Day has come and gone? It can be hard to find the perfect gift for dad, we know. This is why we’ve compiled this Father’s Day gifts list full of manly subscriptions — perfect for Father’s Day this year.

Daughter and mother surprising father with gift at home in the living room, Mother with kids celebrating father's day

And while you’re scrolling, don’t forget to send dad a Father’s Day card. Because a gift is great and all, but it means nothing without a few heartfelt words. You can easily write your Father’s Day card via Postable — we’ll print, address and mail it for you.  Continue reading

How to Easily Mail Birth Announcements & Other Tips for New Parents

Being a brand new parent is hard work. Sleeping becomes a priceless commodity, daily tasks are no longer looked after and a whole bunch of other things that nobody tells you about. You’ll probably find yourself having to schedule in time for things that typically just happened — eating, for example. Needless to say, mailing out a set of cards to introduce your newest family member — aka the star of your show — takes a back seat to things like showering. At the same time, you want your family and friends to meet the new little human. Birth announcements don’t have to take up all of your very precious time. Being a new parent is hard work. No need to make it even harder. Although we haven’t found any hacks to changing diapers, we do have a pretty neat hack to sending your birth announcements.

BA4Send this card here

In fact, you could make and send birth announcements in all of 5 minutes. Yes, really really. You don’t have to spend your showering time licking envelopes or writing down mailing addresses that you may not remember (see free address book with easy address collector). You probably don’t have the patience to learn any new programs either. Not to worry… You can spend 5 minutes with Postable’s easy-to-use site to send your beautiful birth announcements and spend the rest your time loving on your little gem (or you know, breathing). Continue reading