9 Tips To Throw a Flawless Housewarming Party

headerCongratulations on the big move! We’re certain it was no easy feat (is moving ever easy?) and know how excited you are to start planning your first party! Throwing a housewarming is a great way to really bring some warmth to your new space with the people you care about. And we’ve got some great tips to make sure it’s a great time for all (including you).


Don’t host a housewarming party the day after moving in. Or even the day after that ūüôā Give yourself plenty of time to un-pack (mostly) and at the very least make sure your furniture is settled and the plates have been used a couple of times. This may mean waiting a few weeks (or even months).

 Send your invites!1see_button-1

You’ve finally made that big move you’ve been dreaming about, why not step up your sophistication game and send real paper invites? Whether you’re going to keep is casual or take it up a notch with some class, sending real paper invites will definitely entice your guests! Don’t forget to include an RSVP date so you have enough time to prep. Give your guests (and yourself) time to plan by sending out the invites 3 weeks in advance. Don’t forget your neighbors! A housewarming party is a great way to get to know your new neighbors.

Stock up the bathroom.

Make it as easy as possible for your guests to have what they need. Make sure there is extra toilet paper, air freshener, hand soap and towels nearby. Lighting a delightfully smelling candle is also a nice touch. This space will be getting more attention then usual so make sure you prepare it accordingly.

Keep it simple.

The food that is. If you’ve never made a chocolate mouse cake before in your life, don’t choose this housewarming party as your first try. Keep the menu simple regardless if you’re focusing on finger foods on a buffet or a classy¬†dinner party. There are a ton of great recipes on Pinterest, but make sure whatever you choose doesn’t take you forever. You don’t want to be cooking while your guests are piling in and warming your new place.

Small space, no fear!

If your space is rather tight that doesn’t mean you can’t throw an epic Housewarming. You’ll just have to get a little creative with how you use your space. Use what you have. Turn the coffee table into the center piece of the party by stocking it with the food essentials and utensils. Try to keep the edges clear for people to set their drinks. Use stools and giant pillows for alternative seating and there’s nothing wrong with just standing!

Store away your valuables.

Small space or not, your new home is likely going to get a little less spacious. You don’t want to ruin the party with a priceless family treasure getting smashed on the ground.

Cover those boxes!

If you’re not completely un-packed just use pretty sheets or drapery to cover those boxes. Let’s be honest, those things will probably be staying there for a while anyway. If the boxes are sturdy enough, you could even offer them up as extra seating.

Give Group Tours.

If you spend time giving each individual who walks through your door their own personal home tour, you’re going to be spending the majority of your party doing just that. Plan a few tours at most, or better yet just one. If your party is more casual, invite people¬†for a tour once most everyone has arrived and has been fully boozed for a fun little activity. If you’re hosting the housewarming as a dinner party, a good time for would be right before dessert.

Don’t forget to say Thanks!

TYsee_button-1You’re a full grown up now.¬†Why not practice the graceful art of giving thanks with a proper thank you note. If someone was particularly helpful, but didn’t necessarily gift you with a physical item it’s still a good idea to share your gratitude.

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