9 Festive Company Holiday Cards You Can Mail in 5 Minutes

The holidays are a great time for companies to touch base with their customers and wish them a Happy Holiday season. Despite what email marketing has done for you, sending a Happy Holidays email will only go so far. If you want to create and cultivate a close relationship with your customer base and develop a loyal following, you’re going to need to send real holiday cards. The ones that your customers can feel and touch and see just how special they are for being a part of your organization.

The holidays are also a very busy time for companies. Sales and services are at a peak high so taking time out to send hundreds of holiday cards is close to impossible. Postable makes it easy for you to send out real personalized company holiday cards ahead of time and only take 5 minutes of your time. Yes, really.

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Here are our pick for festive company holiday cards that you can mail in 5 minutes (right now for the holidays).

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