9 Birthday Cards To Send to Your Siblings

If you were one of the lucky ones to have a brother or sister (or both) growing up, you probably understand that the sibling bond is unique. So unique, it requires a unique birthday card 🙂

Here are 9 birthday cards to send to your siblings (regardless of what kind of bond you’ve got)

1. For your younger sibling… Because since when did they get so grown up!?!


2. When your sister (and best friend) has her birthday it’s pretty much your job to make it the greatest day ever. (This card is just the start)sib9 send_button-13. For the siblings who grew up outdoors (camping weekends with the family is where you probably had some of your greatest bonding moments).sib8 send_button-14. For the sibling that has everything (including a good sense of humor).
sib6 send_button-15. For the sibling that took the pressure off of you. And probably made your childhood way more exciting.sib7send_button-16. For the sibling that knows you don’t mean it.sib send_button-17.  For the sibling that appreciates a good Bernie pun.sib4 send_button-18. For the party-buddy sibling.sib3 send_button-19. For the sibling that knows you really do love them, but also have a sense of humor.sib1send_button-1

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