67 Reasons to Send a Card

Are you sitting around twiddling your thumbs, hoping to scrounge up a reason to write a greeting card? No? Well, you must be looking for another reason to procrastinate, in which case you should read some reasons to send a¬†card. We’ve got plenty! You don’t even have to leave your comfy couch to send one of these bad boys! You can write & send them all in the comfort of your pjs (yup, Postable will even mail them for you).

Party objects in a gift box

Go ahead… take a gander… you might just be surprised!

If you’re sitting there… thinking ‘HEY! Your forgot one (or two)!’ Please, don’t let us stop you… tell us already! Share all your brilliant ideas for why to send a card down below in the comment section. You’ll be happy you did ūüôā

1. Birthdays


Let’s start with the obvious. Best friends and uncles aren’t the only ones with Birthdays, you know! Don’t forget about your downstairs neighbor!

2. Your best friend just passed the bar.

Fun Green Congratulations card

While you were at the bar, she was tackling it.

3. You & your childhood buddy share a secret desire to have grillz. 

funny graphic hello card

What a great way to reconnect?!

4. You spilled ketchup on your sister’s blouse. That you borrowed. Without asking.

graphic funny im sorry card

You may want to cook her dinner too (sin ketchup). 

5. Belated Birthdays

It’s better to send a card late than never.

6.  Thank You (for gifts)


7. Thank You (For being awesome)

Do you really need to get a gift to tell someone Thanks?

8. Graduation 

Highschool? College? Pre-K?

9. Wedding Invites

10. Your next door neighbor did your daughter’s hair for prom.

hand painted floral rifle thank you card

Your daughter looked fabulous and you rocked the Official Cool Mom Badge. A Thank You card was well deserved.

11. Save the Dates


12. Your groomsmen have done a pretty swell job keeping your mind at ease in the days leading up to the big day.

Burt Reynolds Illustration Thank You Card

Sure, a bottle of Jack Daniels is good, but send¬†a snazzy¬†thank you card¬†in advance and you’ve got yourself a proper thank you.¬†

13. Completing Finals

Let someone know you were rooting for them the whole time!

14.  Motivation

15.¬†Mother’s Day

16. Your Friends are Moving

Your good friend could use your support… in the form of a card (you’d love to help, but you’ve got that thing…).

17. Your New Home!

You did it! You’re all moved into your dream home. Why not rub it in a little to those friends that had that ‘thing’ on your moving day? Send a little reminder how awesome your new place is!

18. New Neighbors!


Why not welcome them to the neighborhood?

19. Your uncle is starting a health journey.

Trendy hand drawn Good Luck Card

Wish him well and let him know you’re rooting for him with an encouragement greeting card!

20. New Co-Worker

While you’re in the welcoming mood, why not extend a welcome to the new co-worker?

21.¬†President’s Day

22. You’re Homesick


23. Your buddy made a fool of themselves

Nothing says, ‘You’re a fool, but I still love ya!’ than a loving card.

24. You made a fool of yourself


25.¬†Your relationship is getting a bit static… spice things up.

punny lets nail love card

A spicy love card may just be what the love doctor ordered.

26. Just to say a special Hello. 


Texting is so overrated. 

27. You got a new puppy! 

If your sister can send introduction cards of her new baby, why can’t you introduce yours?

28. Someone’s sick.¬†

29. You were once a rotten teenager. 

You felt you were having a hard time enduring life… Then there were those that had to endure you. Go ahead, send a card to your¬†parents.

30. Halloween

31. Mom grew her first tomato!


Have YOU ever grown anything?

32. You know you’re going to have a pretty rough week coming up, send yourself a YOU CAN DO IT card!

painted mountains you can do it card

What better way to remind yourself you’ll be just fine?

33. It’s your uncle’s¬†cat’s birthday.¬†

funny cat birthday cart

You may not understand his enthusiasm for his 9 cats, but you know he’ll totally dig it if you send ole’ Pickles a birthday card.

34. You’re graduating high school.

Typography custom photo graduation announcement

You made it! Now go show it off with some of those snazzy graduation announcements.

35. Your friend just posted their first blog post.

Hashtag rad congratulations card

Send them a congratulations card and let them know you loved it (lie if you must).

36.Valentine’s Day

37. Your cousin got engaged. 


38. An old family friend is retiring.

painted vacation card

Kind of a big deal.

39. Easter

40. You finally found someone who is just as crazy about those raspberry stuffed doughnuts. 


Let them know it was meant to be.

41. You accidentally ate your roommates last piece of cake. 


Seriously, if ever there was a time to say sorry.

42. It’s your bestie’s half-birthday.
dudes profile party card

Hey, you wanted a reason to send a card…

43. Timmy, the 10 year old who lives next door, mowed the lawn without asking for money.

Funny Cow Thank You Card

His parents may be been using your property as a source of discipline, but you can still show your appreciation with a snazzy thank you card!

44.  Invitations

45. Because your grandmother really likes to get cards. 

¬†Who doesn’t?

46. Holidays!


Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanza. You name it, everyone loves to have a merry holiday season!

47.¬†Boss’s Day¬†

A great way to keep your name at the top of the upcoming promotions list. Send a card!

48. First Day Jitters

Let them know you’re rooting for them!

49. Someone you know is expecting. 


50. Your little cousin is nervous about going to their first school dance.

Let us not forget how freaked out you were about the prospect of a slow dance. 

51. You haven’t seen your childhood best friend in years (what feels like forever).

Hand painted desert scene Hello card

You used to be sidekicks, send your old BFF a hello card.

52. Your professor is sick.

hand painted floral get well soon card

Getting on the good side of your professors with a get well soon card, may the be smartest thing you do all year.

53. Fourth of July

54. Your first niece is born!

She can’t read the card now… but give it a few years and she’ll be thanking ya for such a thoughtful¬†welcome!

55. Your BFF loves Ryan Gosling. 

ryan gosling hey girl friend card

Who doesn’t?¬†

56. Your grandma’s pup just got back from the vet.

Bold Feel Better Get Well Card

Old Joe may not know you sent a get well card, but grammy will.

57. You really screwed up

Accidentally tell your best friend’s boyfriend that thing you weren’t supposed to know?

58. Your little sister just graduated college and has no idea what she wants to do.

not all those who wander are lost card

Let her know it’s ok to be a little lost.



60. You’re having a housewarming party.

black and white scalloped invite

You just moved into your first adult home… don’t ruin it by sending out an invite via text.

61. Mom ran her first 5K.

hand painted gold medals congratulations card

When was the last time you trained for anything?

62. Your little brother wants to be a professional magician.

bright feathers dont give up card

Send him some encouragement and support while you’re away at college.

63. Your little brother finally got the nerve to ask out his long time crush


64. You’re throwing a bridal shower.

Pretty Pink Banner Bridal Party Invitation

You don’t want to be the person who let down the bride. Easily send beautiful bridal shower invitations and stay on the good side.

65. Rough Times


A simple ‘Thinking of You’ can go a long way.

66. Your classmate took time out of his day to help you out with material you’re struggling with.

Blue Huge Thanks Card

He¬†spent hours at the library with you and missed the party everyone keeps talking about… it’s the least you can


67. Your love of brie outweighs the taboo that comes along with sending oneself snail mail. 

funny i love cheese card

We won’t tell anyone.¬†

Phew. That’s a lot of great reasons to send a card! Do you have any to add?! Tell us in the comment section ūüôā

Want to send a card right now? Don’t worry, you don’t even need to leave your computer – Postable will mail it for you.



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    I agree full heartedly on all of the above. Especially #4. Simply telling someone that they are the best is reason enough to sit down and write!

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