5 Reasons to Schedule Your Holiday Cards Right Now

You may not be thinking about holiday cards just yet. October is still chugging along and Halloween is just around the corner. Who wants to think about holiday cards

Well, we’re the kind to think ahead and the idea of dealing with holiday cards *during* the holiday rush gives us the willies. There are about a million other things we’ll want to be doing during the festivities. Why bother with holiday cards then when you can take care of them now without sacrificing quality? You can literally schedule your holiday cards in like 5 minutes without even leaving your couch. (How to schedule your holiday cards <—)e2

In case you’re on the fence on whether or not you think you should schedule your holiday cards, we’ve listed out 10 reasons this may be the best idea you’ve ever had.

1. You’ve never mailed out holiday cards, but have always wanted to.

Now is the time. If you wait until the rush of the holidays you know you’ll get too overwhelmed (yet again) to actually get those holiday cards mailed. 

2. You’re going to be out of town for the holidays.

If you’re planning on taking the big family vacay, you definitely won’t be able to fancy away your time trying to mail holiday cards. 

3. You’re hosting family for the holidays. 

Your home is going to be filled to the brim with egg nog, holiday jams and family from the east and west coast. Why waste what precious family time you have saved for the holiday season on mailing holiday cards?

4. You’re all about staying ahead of the game. 

You’re the person everyone goes to for organization advice. When their life feels like it’s going up in flames, your to-do list is about as neat as it gets. Why disappoint all of your organizing fans? Get this task done and out of the way well before you have to.

5. You’re a huge fan of life hacks.

You’ve spent endless hours scrolling through lifehacker in search of the next greatest tool to make your life easier…. Postable will literally mail your holiday cards for you AND you can set & forget them today. It doesn’t get easier.


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