5 Holiday Card Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

The holidays can easily be a minefield full of etiquette traps you really don’t want to fall into. The last thing you’ll want to hear is an hour long lecture on holiday card etiquette from your mother-in-law when you’re up to your ears with hosting holiday parties and wrapping gifts. To avoid that catastrophe, checkout this list of holiday card etiquette tips and steer clear of the phone (just in case). holiday_etiquette

1. Send your holiday cards early. 

holiday5send_button-1Send your cards before the second week of December. Don’t wait until the middle of December to finally place those cards in the mail. Chances are, your holiday cards will arrive late. By the time December 15th rolls around the post office is crazy backed up making the shipping times longer and the chances of your cards getting lost en route higher. If you do happen to send your cards later, just keep in mind it might take them longer to arrive. This may not be such a bad thing since most people really enjoy getting to open more holiday cards even after December has come and gone. New Years cards are also a good alternative if you’ve already fallen behind. Remember, if you use Postable to mail your holiday cards, we’ll mail them for you and you can take care of them early and just schedule them to go out later. Leaving your mind free to take care of other more fun holiday activities! 

2. You can skip the holiday newsletter.

While yearly newsletters were once a great way to stay up to date with family ongoings, today social media allows us to stay up to date throughout the entire year. 

3. No e-cards.

They’re impersonal and completely stripped of character (despite how cute they appear on your screen). We’re all constantly bombarded with an overflowing inbox. Your holiday e-card will just be another chore for someone to open while a beautiful paper holiday card will likely brighten someone’s day. 

4. Don’t send family photos to business associates.


If you’re mailing out business holiday cards to your business associates, make sure you use a different design than the one you’re sending to your family. While mom and dad are going to love getting a card in the mail with a picture of the kids, your newest client will be very confused. 

5. Always include a return address.

You want to get a holiday card in return, don’t you? Include a return address so that your recipients can be sure to return the favor. It’s also a good idea just in case you happened to have the wrong address for someone. This way, the post office will have an address to return the card to. 

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