5 Fun New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Enjoy

The middle of January is almost here. How’s that resolution coming along? Did you find that you’ve already let it go? It’s cool, you can always set your sights on a new one. Who says you have to wait until next year?! Why not set your new New Year’s resolution to something that you will actually want to do? We’ve come up with a list to give you some ideas!

1. Do more of what you like.2806a84dbf0465348b6b3eb331eea7e8

Need some ideas? Checkout these yard craft ideas from Countryliving.com.

Go ahead and make time in your routine for that hour a day (or even an hour a week) to do what you love! Use the new paints you got for Christmas, turn up the tunes and get down or do whatever else it is that makes you happy. Like to get crafty or go dancing, but never seem to have enough time for it? Make it a resolution to make time for the things that actually make you happy.

2. Send more snail mail.g9

First of all, it’s fun. Everybody thinks so (just take our word for it). This can also help you stay in touch with people you care about on a more personal level, help you express gratitude more frequently and maybe even help you land that new job you’ve been aching for. If going to the store and picking out greeting cards and licking stamps just isn’t your calling, don’t sweat it. You can pick out a bewitching card design and write your personal message (look, you’ll even get some practice in writing) and send a real card all without ever leaving your couch with Postable.

3. Play more games.

Crossword Puzzle and Pencil

Who doesn’t want to be a kid again? Go ahead, play some games. Games can be good for your brain and your body. Physical games will get you moving and can be invigorating while other games can stimulate your brain. But also, games are just fun. Go ahead, be a kid a gain. Need some ideas? Just think back to all those days you spent playing as a kid for inspiration. We love Scrabble and a good ole’ game of kickball.

4. Have more picnics.picnic

Deviled eggs for a picnic?! YES! Try this recipe from Family Circle Magazine.

Or some other activity that brings you outside. We hear it’s actually good for your health and overall happiness to spend time outdoors surrounded by nature. So what’s stopping you?! Having more picnics is a perfect excuse to spend more time outside AND get to eat delicious food. What’s not to love? Bring along that frisbee or a soccer ball and add some movement to your picnic to get the most out of the activity.

5. Spend more time with people that make you happy.

Five friends having a little break to fool around with some asparagus while cooking
Are you seeing a theme here yet? Go get happy! Why not stop spending your precious time staring at your phone and pay some more attention to the folks that fill your life. Make a stronger effort to have fulfilling conversations and remember to celebrate milestones (see #1 for Birthday cards). Go get brunch, watch the game or take a cooking class as a group (fun!). Most importantly make an effort to really be there (leave that phone in the pocket). People make our lives more interesting, spend some more time enjoying those that surround you!


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