3 Tips To Make Your Own Card Look Spectacular


Custom photo cards are all the rage and we want to help you make yours the most spectacular one out there! Whether you’re uploading your own photo to a thank you photo card or using a completely blank make your own card, these tips will help you create the best version of your card possible.

1. High Resolutioncustom-card-tip-resolution

Nobody likes blurry or pixalated images. To prevent this from happening the first thing to look at is the resolution. Although your image may look nice and crisp on your computer or phone, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will print that way. You want to aim for 300 dpi resolution that matches the size of the card. Each of our blank card templates also have their pixel dimensions on the blank templates for you to use as a template.

[Note: If your image is low res, simply increasing the resolution will not work. You must have the original image that was high resolution to begin with.]

2. Keep Off the Edgesmake-your-own-card-tip

The edges of the cards are trimmed so make sure to keep all the important stuff (any text, faces or borders) at least 1/4 inch away from the edge. 

3. Keep it lightmake-your-own-card-light

Keep in mind that when an image is printed some of the ink gets absorbed into high quality paper. This can result in slightly darker images on the card. With that said, keep your images lightened up. No need to completely over do it, but if your image is dark on your screen, it will likely appear a little darker when printed. 

Now that you’re fully prepared to make your own card, go on, upload your own image! The world is your oyster.A2_card_blanksee_button-1



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