25 Pun Filled Birthday Cards For the Pun-Master in Your Life

Party girlsEveryone loves receiving birthday cards on their special day! Duh. Send that pun-loving someone a punny birthday card and you can be sure to make their day! Checkout these 28 pun filled birthday cards to choose from (pro tip: postable will mail them for you!).

1. For the Karaoke & pun lover in your life.p3
send_button-12. Send this pun birthday card to pretty much anyone in your squad.

3. For the old-school snail mail lover. Send this card for a win-win.

4. Sweet and simple.p10send_button-1

5. For the nature adventurer.p27send_button-1

6. For the painter.p2send_button-1

7. For the hipster pun lover.p4send_button-1

8. For the pun lover with a sense of humor.p5send_button-1

9. For your main squeeze 🙂p6send_button-1

10. For the sweet tooth lover.p7send_button-1

11. For the musician.p8send_button-1

12. For the farm enthusiast.?p9send_button-1

13. For the steak lover.p11send_button-1

14. For the grooviest person you know.p26send_button-1

15. For the southern fair goer.p12send_button-1

16. For the shark-week enthusiast.p23send_button-1

17. For the pun-loving athlete.p13send_button-1

18. For the one friend you know will absolutely love this pun.p14send_button-1

19. For the ballerina in your life.p15send_button-1

20. For the pug lover aka everyone.p17send_button-1

21. For your geologist cousin.p18send_button-1

22. For the boldest bud.p19send_button-1

23. For the NASA lover.p20send_button-1

24. For the foodie pun loving buddy.p21send_button-1

25. For pretty much anyone who’d enjoy a good giggle.p24send_button-1

26. For the cupcake lover (aka everyone).p25send_button-1

27. For your night-on-the-town-bud.p28send_button-1

28. For the friend that swears they love salads.p1send_button-1


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