24 Snazzy [& Grown Up] Adult Birthday Party Ideas

You’ve successfully (you could say) made another run around the sun. Congrats! Your birthday is coming up and you’re itching for a special celebration. As you should. Birthdays should always be special… Especially as adults. Whether you’re planning on throwing a major birthday bash with all of your adult-y friends or just a classy small dinner party, we got you covered with 23 snazzy adult birthday party ideas. Who says being an adult is no fun? Bring on the pizza and giant mojitos!


1. First things first… the invitation to your birthday party! (pro tip: Postable will mail them for you! The real ones. Just like snail mail, but better.)APfrom Postable.com

2. If you’re going for a glam theme for your birthday party, match your invites!pop_fizzfrom Postable.com

3. Give the old jello shots a makeover. How CUTE are these? a9bcf3e89c78ba783c499f922cd08ec9from the TipsyBartender

4. Vases are so yesterday. Use icecream cones for a fun twist in your decor… That you can munch on later. 4146f5c22c8122b34aed04e2f5e69a9bfrom glossedtheblog.ca

5. For a glamorous adult birthday party… go with Champagne & cotton candy. 5af419c9ce585834e282ab60496bdc09from Kirbie’s Cravings

6. Make your own cupcake toppers… Hehe

9178bd2583aa5ae3fb7a93ac3976bf00from Stay At Home Mum

7. Who says adult birthday parties have to be boring?!party_hatsfrom Postable.com

8. A fried tequila shot. More more could you possibly want?

5f1345c7c964b224e6a2f7ab9d91bbe4from LemonsforLuLu.com

9. Mimosas for everyone! Get some fruit, some bubbly, and a fun banner. 946da1084f19741cd7785f06c2a8534afrom stylecaster.com

10. Some delightful lighting.0a95497480a9462c555feeb8a826ae00Domesticfashionista.com

1. Use giant balloons as decor. Easy. Peasy.28dc98fd71fbd7e8b5bf317412fe1e8bfrom brit.co

12. A birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake.b2ce1e92bca4d4c6c9ca3f9477022d2bfrom TheBerry.com

13. Fun balloons are a must.cd031a94acfad4b5a4efcf4022997ca1from UrbanOutfitters.com

14. A bunch of lovely invites mailed for youAP5from Postable.com

15.Introduce a little glam into your adult birthday party with a sparkly DIY photo backdrop.918d14d3189661830bc85fd36510940afrom Sad to Happy Project

16. Use letter candles to say write something wise atop your birthday cake!268047f907623ba1e91caa8d9edc456ffrom asubtlerevelry.com

17. Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive. Spray paint + old bottles = chic vases. 10af0c1728cdd56de3f282335680d485from yahoo.com

18. Use fairy lights and plants to add a little classy glow to your birthday party. How very adult of you.011e204c02307f0b044a89490e116d3efrom stylemepretty.com

19. Stylish & funny birthday cake toppers. 2a25c62856ad210309736eaedbe00059from A Subtle Revelry

20. Hosting your birthday party in the summer?! Check out these refreshing [and boozy] ice-tea recipes.ac7821e81075f79111166bdee4121754from Better Home & Gardens

21. Not sure what appetizers to serve now that you’re an adult and all? Want to look class AF? Checkout these easy recipes that will make you look super sophisticated.e7172d19dbac4d278700c17ced6ca450from Buzzfeed.com

22. Pretty AND delicious. Perfect dessert for your perfect adult birthday party 🙂458ae1d9d6b2ffea968a814cf244b122from Cooking Classy

23. Birthday Cupcake Jello Shots. Because you’re an adult now. 1edb6f1d86885f46541e5bff2c2d1fb4from MyThirtySpot

24. Or… How cute are these birthday cake shots!? Happy Birthday to you 🙂ba4c92de30c357d7fe3e0a252e290e55from tablespoon.com


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