22 Seriously Funny Pregnancy Announcements

Looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy?! We scoured the world of Pinterest and found the 22 funniest possible ways to do just that. Want to welcome your little nugget with to world with a sweet birth announcement? Pro tip: Postable will mail your birth announcements for you.

Bu first, take a gander at all the funny ways to announce your pregnancy:

1. Gotta love parenthood.71e5f4b3ef88dbacfe6d30b0923d6411

2. A movie poster makes a funny pregnancy announcement.c8c9bfbb09909f308ee393e67ba4a304

3. For the third child.4c0de939575b401b711a973825b936d64. A funny pregnancy announcement for the coffee lovers.pregnancyannouncement24 5. Expecting twins?pregnancyannouncement14 6. Well this is just cute. pregnancyannouncement207. Surprise!pregnancyannouncement168. Ice. Ice. BABY. 106da69acf2096bd20f4ac9f34ea519a9. Pets are family too. 0092d5bdb28b56ed8ea1d4a4afa9326410. Aw-dorable. 574b38a9e6fe02efa34603914065db41

11. Pregnancy announcement & gender reveal in one. a3e2971495f03467c060e44d507cd93212. Puppy!c2a1375cc303be9f8d7f59c0b74cfbbb13. Another puppy!! a08eedc4de3c874c9cf0331452c83a6414. Who’s it gonna be?bde73eaaa96687d5806896a48423053715. Preggo funny announcement. 18846aedd6986cf5bcab7ea742bf2e0616. Practice on cat.10e212fbde358e60596b987976dcc0eb17. Uh oh.6763cb99550ed3c1b6bd36d104ad512518. Awesome. a99aed886c18b92ec4cbd3b8baf1007919. What’s round 2?1a422f83f72c64bf5fb24311a1aebc1e20. Puns for the win. 03e4dfc3833abf005c5e61432ac2eb4121. Preggo!6a1df86e590b7c780a907165f92b69fd22. Pregnancy announcement for the Harry Potter fans. 7418fb3556d30acfdb2a98c28a37f16f


When the baby finally comes and you’re ready to introduce your little bundle of joy to the world, don’t forget that Postable can mail all of those beautiful birth announcements for you!


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