12 Funny Father’s Day Cards For a Dad With a Sense of Humor

Man and little boy with shaving foam on their faces looking into the bathroom mirror and laughing. Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom.Father’s Day is June 17th — that’s just around the corner. Here at Postable, we’re big fans of sending real (physical) greeting cards, especially on occasions that matter — much like Father’s Day. The dads in our lives are constantly showing up and being their awesome dad-selves. Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to show our appreciation. We want to be sure that we celebrate their awesome dad-ness with proper Father’s Day cards! What in the world is a proper Father’s Day card? A real hold-in-your-hand physical card that dad can hold and admire… Or laugh at. Which brings us to our collection of funny Father’s Day cards! If the dads in your lives like a good giggle or two then these funny Father’s Day cards will surely make their day. 

1. King of Corny Father’s Day Card by Bench Pressed

This funny Father’s day card is perfect for the dad that has a wide collection of dad jokes that never stop. Seriously, where does he get all of those jokes? Perhaps this card will inspire him to make up a whole new slue of pun jokes… Maybe they’ll be related to corn. What’s for certain, this card will give dad a real giggle. That’s all that really matters.

BENCHPRESSED192Send this card here

2. Winning at Parenting card by Near Modern Disaster

It’s not a competition, but you’re probably still keeping score. What dad doesn’t want to hear that they’re winning? And winning at parenting? That’s a whole new level of victory! Seriously, it’s hard work. Send dad this funny Father’s Day card and you’ll make his day extra special. Side note: winners typically also get prizes, so be sure you’re getting dad a father’s day gift alongside this card.

NEARMODERNDISASTER233Send this card here

3. Moose Dad card by Leveret Paperie

Another pun for the win! This adorable hand painted card by Leveret Paperie has everything you’ll ever want in a greeting card. It’s lovely and it’s funny all at once. Who knew that was even possible?! The moose illustration is perfect with it’s adorable little tie and the accompanying pun.

LEVERETPAPERIE167Send this card here

4. The Original Hipster card by Postable

If you think about it, dad really was the original hipster and it’s really best to give credit where credit is due, right? This funny illustration pretty much says it all. These funny Father’s Day cards would be perfect for the dads with actual glasses and mustaches.

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5. Dad Rocks by R. Nichols

Oh the puns! Seriously, is it even funny without a pun? How adorable are those little rocks aka fathers? Why does dad rock so much?! Elaborate on the inside to tell dad all the ways he’s been rocking all these years! All the puns. All the time.

RNICHOLS165Send this card here

6. Daaad card by TYLRE

This quirky illustration by none other than TYLRE is frame worthy. The dads in your life may even want to put this little bad boy on their fridge or share it on Instagram — if they’re into that sort of thing. Surely dad will get a giggle from this punny father’s day cards.

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7. Thanks for Raising Me card by E. Frances Paper

Another adorable hand painted masterpiece. The little details make this Father’s Day card even more special. This card would be perfect for the dads that love to get dirty in the garden.

EFRANCES173Send this card here

8. Measure Up card by A Jar of Pickles

Onto the next pun! This punny Father’s Day card is perfect for the dad who never goes anywhere without his tools. On that note, perhaps dad’s tools could use a pick-me-up. Why not pair this funny tool pun card with a set of some shiny new tools?

JARPICKLES133Send this card here

9. Super Dad by Postable

Every dad is super, but yours is probably extra super. This funny Father’s day card even lets you upload your own photo of dad’s face so you can really make dad into a super hero. Customize your name at the bottom and give dad a good chuckle with this card.

POSTABLE1362Send this card here

10. Dad to the Bone by One Canoe Two

Didn’t we say we loved puns? Also, who doesn’t? Send this funny Father’s Day card to dad and he may even want to frame it! Wouldn’t you?

CANOE173Send this card here

11. Number 1 Dad by Bench Pressed

This quirky design will surely make dad smile! Also, how fun is this illustration? Consider your audience (dad) wisely before mailing this little bad boy. Make sure dad will actually get a good laugh out of this instead of heading for the hat shop.

BENCHPRESSED150 (1)Send this card here

12. Favorite Parents card by Near Modern Disaster

Some folks just know how to hit it on the nail each time. The famous Sam Kramer, the mastermind behind Near Modern Disaster, is at it again with her quirky phrases. This one is no exception! Send dad this funny Father’s Day to get him giggling.

NEARMODERNDISASTER201Send this card here

With so many funny Father’s Day cards to choose from, you can send a giggle to all the dads in your life. Which one will you send? And don’t worry, if your dad isn’t so fond of the whole humor thing there’s plenty of non-funny Father’s Day cards to choose from here

Dad has kept us giggling through a whole lot of stuff throughout the years. The least we can do is give him a giggle this Father’s Day! And if you’re already feeling overwhelmed at the idea of hopping over to the card store, buying stamps and mailing your Father’s Day card on time this year — don’t fret, we got this. Seriously. We’ll print, address and mail your cards for you. There’s a ton (as you can see above) of amazing designs to choose from and you still get to write your very own personal message so that unique touch is not lost. Make dad’s day special this year all from the comfy seat of your computer.

You’re welcome.

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