10 Articles to Help You Navigate Wedding Etiquette

Who to invite and when? What to include on the wedding invites?! How about the wedding website?! AH! Wedding planning and preparation tends to overwhelm even the most organized and savviest of brides. So many people are involved in planning and executing a wedding that it seems like you’re running a political campaign half the time. Not to worry. If you just equip yourself with all the necessary tools when it comes to wedding etiquette, you’ll know exactly what pitfalls to avoid any crisis.A7_card_envelope_V_02

1. 12 Etiquette Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making
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Want to make sure everyone is on time to watch your glorious moment of dazzle as you walk down the aisle? Is your invitation start time actually the start time? Don’t make your guests wait for forever long by using an earlier start time.

2. Save-the-Date Etiquette
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Cherry picking on who to send your Save the Dates to? If you actually want your guests to be there for your special day, be sure to send them all a save the date. Most people need plenty of time in advance to make the proper arrangements.

3. 8 Things To Include In Your Wedding Website
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Sharing your ‘How we met’ story is a great way to introduce everyone attending to your love story that may not necessarily know. It’s especially nice to get those ‘plus ones’ that may not know the couple in the know.

4. Top 24 Wedding Etiquette Questions
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When you’ve got BIG news (like an engagement) it can be really hard to keep that from the world of social media. BUT, don’t share the great news with Joe from 10th grade science class before letting mom and grandma in on the special news.

5. Top 10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Questions Answered
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Not sure when to make your RSVP deadline?

6. When to Send Out Save the Dates & Other Mail
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Think 6-9 months / 9-12 months for destination weddings for Save the Dates.

The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette
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“No one needs to know about cost and carat.” Share your engagement details sparingly.

8. 6 Things to Know Before You Send Your Save-the-Dates
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Including the venue isn’t necessary, but make sure to include the city so that your guests can have a head start on making plans.

9. The Top 10 Biggest Wedding Etiquette Don’ts
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Avoid including your registration information on your wedding invites.

10. 10 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Wedding Thank Yous
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Check and check again to make sure you don’t spell any of your guests’ names incorrectly.

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