25 Amazing Christmas Cards Without Photos

Christmas is coming! Prepare yourself for the cards to start pouring in soon enough. And if you haven’t been keeping up with the family on Instagram — you’re about to be up with the times. Many of your family and friends will likely be sending your Christmas cards showcasing their lovely faces. Some may choose to put a photo of their kids and new borns and while still others will showcase their newest puppies (and we’re so not sorry about that). And while these cards will be as delightful as any — you’d prefer something that requires a little less photo editing. Didn’t take any family photos this year? Or perhaps you’re just not interested in sharing it with the world. Or better yet, there are specific people on your Christmas cards list that you’d rather just send a card without showcasing your family’s photo. Maybe you’d just like a Christmas card with a classic scene. Whatever your reasoning to forego the photo Christmas cards this year and opt for one without photos — we’ve got quite the list for you.

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13 Beautiful Hanukkah Cards You Can Send in 5 Minutes

It’s official, the holiday season is upon us! Yay! And while you’re busy thinking about what new dishes you’ll be adding to your annual Thanksgiving feast — and how you’ll recreate the classics — Hanukkah comes shortly thereafter. With the first night of Hanukkah starting December 2nd this year — preparations for both holidays will likely be simultaneous. If you’re like us, chances are your schedule has also officially been filling up more and more since the start of November. With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays coming up shortly the list of to-dos has grown exponentially. Top view image of jewish holiday Hanukkah background with traditional spinnig top, menorah (traditional candelabra)

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When to Mail Christmas Cards & New Years Cards


The holiday season is just around the corner. Halloween has come and gone while Thanksgiving is just about to grace us with it’s delicious presence. That means you’re probably starting to wonder when to get your holiday cards out in the mail. When to mail Christmas cards is a good question and one we’re hoping to answer here.

As a rule of thumb, the post office typically takes 3-7 days to deliver domestic mail. Of course, it may take less than 3 days and in some cases it can take longer than 7. It happens. But for the most part, the 3-7 day rule of thumb rings true. That is of course, unless it’s the holidays. December for sure — although this tends to happen during just about any holiday. When more people than usual decide to mail things all at once it tends to slow things down. And while not everyone mails a Mother’s Day card (shame on you), most people do place holiday cards in the mail at about the same time of the year.

You can imagine this kind of mail traffic will cause some delays. And you’d be right. During the holidays — in this case we’re definitely talking about December — the typical mailing time slows down to around 2 weeks. Sure, there’s still a chance it will be less than that but normally from year to year this tends to be the case.

Pro tip: You can schedule all of your cards ahead of time. Set em’ and forget em’. See the easy tutorial here.

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How to Send Christmas Cards to Hospitalized Kids

The first week of November has graced us with it’s glorious fall-esque presence. Along with the yet chillier weather and warmer sweaters, signs of the upcoming holidays are all around us. The Christmas tunes playing in just about every public space and store, holiday sales and seemingly endless baked goodies are everywhere. The most joyous time of year is almost here! And while you’re likely still trying to prepare for Thanksgiving, there’s no denying the holiday spirit. The best thing about the holidays is no doubt spending quality time with our friends and families. Unfortunately not everyone is quite as lucky. There are families that will have to spend their holidays in hospitals with their little ones. And so, while you think about who to send your Christmas cards to this year — consider mailing a card (or a bunch of cards) to hospitalized kids. A little gesture like this can go a long way to bringing a little bit of warmth to someone who could really use it.Mailbox in the north america countryside

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10 Holiday Cards For Real Estate Agents

The holidays are coming and that means many businesses will be getting ready to get their ducks in a row when it comes to mailing out their business holiday cards. Real estate agents are among the many different types of businesses that benefit from mailing out business holiday cards. Besides just being a nice gesture, holiday cards for real estate agents also greatly increase the likelihood of customer retention — the folks who were in the market to buy a new home will one day also be in the market to sell.Cottage Continue reading

10 Unique Friendsgiving Ideas for this year’s gathering

Say hello to November! The month of all the fall goodies. Everything from pumpkin pie to roasted turkeys will be making appearances all month. And while it’s just the precursor to the bigger — even more festive — event that is the holiday season; November is no slacker. Thanksgiving pretty much makes November what it is. Even though the big day is close to the end of the glorious month, everyone is likely already in the thankful mood. Not to mention hungry. Hungry for mashed potatoes, pecan pie and all the stuffing one can eat. Yum… What were we talking about?

Thanksgiving Celebration Traditional Dinner Table Setting Concep

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What to Write in Your Business Holiday Cards & More Useful Tips

School Boy Writing Close Up. Pencil in Children Hand.It’s that time of the year once again! Who’s excited?!? We know we are — but that’s nothing unusual. The holidays are pretty much the most joyous time of the year and it’s no secret that sending business holiday cards is a must. A simple gesture like a personal holiday card may be the one thing that creates that long lasting connection so important for customer retention. So whether you’ve been mailing business holiday cards on the reg or you’re a newbie to this tradition, we’re here to help you make the most out of this holiday business task.

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Post Roundup: Our Favorite Holiday Cards Lists From the Past

We know, we know! October is still to gracing us with it’s delightfully pumpkin-ish presence and we’re already hopping on the holiday card wagon. You’ve barely had a chance to sip on your pumpkin spiced latte and you definitely have no idea what amazing out of this world Halloween costume you’re dressing up as this year. Well, while it may seem a bit early — it’s not. Mostly because we’re thinking of holiday cards on the daily regardless of whether it’s December or June (or October). It’s holiday season year round at Postable and we just can’t contain our excitement about this year’s merriest season.Christmas fir tree and alarm clock

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4 Reasons to Send Business Thanksgiving Cards

Most companies understand the value of mailing holiday cards — having their brand be visible during the peak season while people are earnestly opening their mail boxes is a big deal. What many companies don’t know, however, is the missed opportunity of mailing out business Thanksgiving cards. Showing gratitude is no small gesture and it’s certainly not one your customers and employees will forget any time soon. A simple thank you goes a long way and while sending business thank you cards throughout the year is always a good idea, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to share your gratitude. Thanksgiving concept - baking ingredients and symbols

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