11 Impossibly Fun Party Invites

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It’s always a good time to party. It’s an even better time to throw a party when you’ve got such fun party invites you can send without ever leaving your computer. You can spend your time daydreaming, planning, and carefully shopping for the most amazing cocktail garnishes while your party invites are already on their way to their recipients without much effort on your part. Don’t worry, nobody has to know.

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16 Inspirational Quotes to Encourage the Discouraged

Inspirational_QuotesEver feel like a giant gray cloud has been glued a top of your head? We know we have. Feeling gloomy is something we’re all pretty familiar with and when we’re down in the dumps what’s better than an encouraging nudge? Maybe a giant tub of ice cream, but the encouragement has less guilt after-effects. Know someone who’s maybe feeling down lately and is in need of some hyping? Why not send them an awe-inspiring encouragement card?

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20 True-to-Life Cards to Send to your BFF Right Now

Amazing_CardsThe BFF. A sacred friendship status. For those of us lucky enough to have one, know how much awesome-ness arises from such friendships. Late night pizza and beer runs, endless hours of cross-country phone calls, and never ending giggle fits. Staying in touch and up-t0-date with your BFF gets a bit more challenging with time (see adulting), but it is still your duty to bring previously-mentioned-awesome-ness to your BFF. Posting something on a facebook wall? You think that counts as enough? That’s cute. No. You’re the BFF. Think bigger. Think cuter! Think snail mail. We know, time is of the essence… Thankfully there’s thing called Postable (Hey! That’s us!) that will mail your cards via the old fashioned snail mail for you! Continue reading

16 Delightful Moving Announcements You Can Send in 5 Minutes

Boxes, tape, scissors, and endless rolls of bubble wrap are thrown and tossed amongst all of your current belongings. You’re so close [yet so far] from finishing the long process of un-packing your moving boxes and you’ve put off sending your moving announcements. Who knows when you’ll get the chance to sit down to address and stuff envelopes to send your moving announcements!?! Suddenly you’re thinking of all the un-delivered birthday presents and surprise care packages your family loves to send and your head starts to spin. You wouldn’t want your lovely moving announcements getting lost in a mountain of boxes and bubble wrap! Don’t worry. It’s 2016, you can take care of sending beautiful moving announcements on Postable without ever leaving your computer.

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