5 Fun New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Enjoy

The middle of January is almost here. How’s that resolution coming along? Did you find that you’ve already let it go? It’s cool, you can always set your sights on a new one. Who says you have to wait until next year?! Why not set your new New Year’s resolution to something that you will actually want to do? We’ve come up with a list to give you some ideas!

1. Do more of what you like.2806a84dbf0465348b6b3eb331eea7e8

Need some ideas? Checkout these yard craft ideas from Countryliving.com.

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New [New] Years Cards!

Yes, we did. New [new] years cards are up and ready for you to send to your heart’s desires. It’s not too late to still send out those New Years cards! If you didn’t have time to send holiday cards this last season (and even if you did), why not opt for some new year cheer? Everyone you know is probably still trudging along on their new years resolutions and getting a lovely reminder that it’s a new year will give them that little push that they need. Who wouldn’t want to be an inspirational guru of the New Years sort? Did we lose you? Point is… It’s never actually too late for that new years card.

Checkout some of our newest new years cards below or click here to checkout the entire collection.



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5 (1)send_button-1-1


And if you don’t have a shiny new photo you’d like to use and want to include a personal new years greetings, this brilliant new card (see what we did there?) is one of our top sellers. 1 (1)send_button-1-1


5 sweat-proof steps for hosting a happy holiday bash in a small space

You’ve picked a date, sent out the holiday party invites, and nearly everyone RSVP’d “yes” to your first-ever yuletide bash.

The only hitch:

You’re about to host 20 people (and some inevitable +1s) in your tiny apartment. We’re talking a studio with micro-sized proportions.

Where the ho-ho-heck are all your guests going to fit?

Easy. Simply follow these five sweat-proof tips from MakeSpace, the full-service alternative to self-storage units in Brooklyn, the rest of NYC, LA, DC, and Chicago. Their pointers will help you plan, prep, and pull off a jolly holiday party in your small home:

1. Plug tasks into your calendar


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Win FREE holiday cards Instagram Giveaway!

Want free holiday cards?

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Whoa. ‘Tis the season.