20 Questions with Sandra Picco

Sandra Picco Design is a one-woman graphic design studio, specializing in design for special events. Sandra has a fresh, modern aesthetic and a penchant for stationery design and pretty paper. She is a snail mail enthusiast who still believes in handwritten notes and letters and the seemingly lost art of putting thoughts on paper.

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How to Make Your Bestie’s Birthday the Best Day Ever

Your BFF’s birthday is right around the corner and it’s pretty much your job to make sure their special day is well, special. Here at Postable, we take birthdays pretty damn seriously (without being serious of course). So, we thought we’d give you some snazzy ideas on how to make your bestie’s day one they’re not likely to forget (or maybe unlikely to remember… no judgement here). These ideas can totally be used for other special folks’ birthdays if maybe adjusted accordingly– girlfriends/boyfriends, roommates, parents etc.

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17 New Cards Giving Us The Feels


We’ve been brewing up some seriously awesome new card designs at Postable HQ and our amazing artists have been just as busy making creations of their own. Not to toot our own horns here, but all these new designs have been giving us the feels all over the place. To be fair, new cards always give us the feels, but just check these out for yourself and you’ll be feeling all sorts of tingly in no time.  Continue reading

How to Write the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

So you’ve opened all the presents, drank all the eggnog and have officially kicked off a mega-plan to finally achieve that New Year’s resolution. The holidays have come and gone and life is back to normal. Forgetting something? Whether you were totally in love with the bounty of gifts you received during the holidays or were flabbergasted by the lack of imagination (or the directions you clearly wrote out), a holiday thank you card is in either case a must. holiday-lights-thank-you Continue reading

10 Funny Christmas Photo Fails

The holidays can sometimes mean an insane amount of stress in our lives. So, to relieve some of that stress we thought it’d be good to compile some funny photos to get your bellies laughing. Checkout this list of funny Christmas photo fails because you need a break from life right now. We get it.
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22 Boozy Cocktails to Get You Through Any Family Gathering

holiday13send_button-1We’re all about making the holidays a stress-free time. After all, why would you ever spend your hard earned vacay time off wanting to pull your hair out. While most family gatherings are something to look forward to, it’s no secret they can also be quite stressful. To counteract this potential stress threat, we suggest you kick back and relax with one of these delightful cocktails.

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28 Delightful Photo Christmas Cards

Have you taken out the cozy Christmas sweaters yet? Posed for that perfect Christmas family photo? Well, it’s about time you start picking out the perfect photo christmas cards and we’re here to show you some of the most delightful ones out there. But really. Pro tip: Postable will even mail them out for you so you can spend more time drinking eggnog by the fire.

If you’ve already found yourself reaching for the eggnog in a stressful flurry (a little early, don’t you think), don’t panic. The holidays can still be hacked into a well-behaved smoothly running machine! Checkout this list of 13 things uber organized people do before the Holiday rush and take a few really deep breathes. It will all be ok. Now, go checkout some beautiful Christmas cards to get you in the joyful mood! merry-christmas-photo-cardsend_button-1 Continue reading