We’re Having A GIF-OFF | Win $100

If you’re on Twitter here’s your chance to win $100 in a Postable gif-card (see what we did there)?!?

We want to know how sending cards on Postable makes you feel. Tweet a GIF that shows how you feel every time you send a card and don’t forget to tag @postable & use #postablefeels! We’ll choose our favorite GIF on Tuesday June 20th and the winner will get $100 Postable gif certificate (couldn’t resist)

Get ready… Set… GIF! Tweet at us here!

20 Questions With Brannon Addison From Happy Cactus Designs

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 11.57.54 AMTaken from Happy Cactus Designs Instagram (@happycactusdesigns)
Drawing inspiration from gardens near and far, traditional Indian textiles, and vintage design books, Happy Cactus Designs’ growing collection of colorful and pattern-driven greeting cards, social stationery, and other paper goods are all drawn by hand. Happy Cactus Designs aims to create exquisite social stationery and sophisticated greeting cards that are an extension of your personal style. Check out the Happy Cactus Designs collection on Postable. Continue reading

8 New Housewarming Party Invites

So you made the big move! Congrats! Seriously, it’s no small feat to move your whole life to a brand new home. Chances are you’re still chipping away at the endless un-packing, but you’re ready to welcome your friends and family to warm your new place! The best part? You don’t have to stress about the invites because we’ve got you covered with our newest housewarming party invites (pro tip: we’ll mail them for you).

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