Roundup: Postable’s Top Wedding Related blog posts

If you’ve been following the Postablog for the last few years you’ll probably have noticed by now that we love writing about all things wedding related. Whether it comes to suggesting apps to use while planning a wedding or the things to include on a wedding website — there’s no wedding topic we’re not eager to explore. This makes perfect sense, of course. We live to make sending wedding mail as easy as possible. And while we’re no wedding planners, we do hope to shine some light on wedding related topics in hopes of making the process easier for everyone. feet of bride and groom, wedding shoes (soft focus).

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5 Logo Business Greeting Cards That Work With Any Logo

Every business owner knows the importance of maintaining & growing existing customer relationships and marketing to new potential clients. One of the most important parts of any business’s marketing or customer retention campaigns is branding. Without a clear brand, your customers — both old and new — have nothing to connect you to. If you’re running or marketing for a small business, chances are your first step was to come up with a brand that’s true to the company. And with a brand comes a logo that helps people distinguish your business between all the others. You’ve likely placed your logo anywhere and everywhere that your company information appears — the business website and business cards. And now you can easily place your logo on the front of your business greeting cards.header (1)

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11 Reasons to Send a Congratulations Card

The congratulations card is all about praising someone’s achievements — whether it be a personal one like an engagement or a professional one like a promotion. So as long as your congratulations is sincere– there’s really no wrong timing for a congrats card. Heck, if your aunt was as giddy as a school girl about growing her first tomato in her brand new veggie garden why not send along your congratulations. After all, growing food is kind of a big deal!Toy dinosaur with birthday party hat on a yellow background.

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10 New Save the Date Designs

This simmering summer heat hasn’t stopped us from being busy as bees. As with all the other card categories — we’ve added a bunch of new bewitching save the date designs. Everything from photo to non-photo save the dates have been added in a variety of different themes and styles. As always, it’s uber easy to customize the designs with your own information and mailing them out is a total breeze (seeing as how Postable does it for you).

Haven’t taken a look at these lately? You may want to look again. Here are just a few of our latest creations.

POSTABLE2053Test out this card here

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18 Loving Friendship Cards to Send Right Now [Just Because]

Nobody said you needed an occasion to tell someone you love them. Seriously — go tell everyone you care about just how much you love them right now. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone. Send a text. Shout it from your window. The people in your life should always know just how important they are. Another delightful — and a far more meaningful — manner is via good ole’ fashioned snail mail. A friendship card with a loving cover design and a personal message is the perfect little surprise that will show someone you love just how special you think they are. Don’t worry — you don’t have to wait in line at the post office or lick any stamps. Because all of these friendship cards can be mailed for you. Yes, they’re still real hold-in-your-hand greeting cards. Yes, you can mail them without leaving your couch.

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Summer Party Ideas You Should Throw Before Summer is All Gone

Summer — ah the most blissful time of the year. Yet before we know it, this summer will all, but be over. It’s an unfortunate fact that somehow keeps repeating year after year — totally to our dismay. So before this catches you off guard why not throw that summer gathering you’ve been wanting to host? Every year, the end of summer sneaks up on you and you’re left feeling remorse for not having taken advantage of the outdoor hosting opportunities.

Small group of people standing around barbecue grill at outdoor party

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20 Questions with E. B. Goodale

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 5.34.34 PM (1)image from E. B. Goodale’s Instagram

E. B. Goodale is an illustrator and printmaker who fell into the world of stationery by accident. Her love of running presses has brought her through several fine letterpress shops who have nurtured her love of design and all things old and papery. Her designs have been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Stationery Trends and on blogs such as Thistle and Plum and Creature Comforts. She lives and works in Somerville, Massachusetts. Continue reading