5 Reasons to Send Business Birthday Cards

While email marketing is obviously a great strategy every business should have, there’s an element of the personal touch that’s completely lacking. Expanding your marketing strategies is a good idea if you want to reach your customer base off the screen where a personal connection can be made. Sending out real hold-in-your-hand business greeting cards is a great way to do just that. Luckily sending out really nice personal snail mail can be as easy as sending an email. Using digital tools available via Postable to create and mail something with a personal touch is a great way to build real life relationships that marketing emails simply cannot achieve.bizbdayheader

In the age of full inboxes and empty [snail] mail boxes, sending out personal business birthday cards is a no brainer. If you’re not already mailing your customer & employee base business birthday cards, you really should be. A stellar way to boost employee moral along with a simple way of showing your appreciation, birthday cards for employees are also a great way to build community within your company or organization. Continue reading

18 Delightful Birthday Cards for Friends You Can Send in 60 Seconds

If you had to write out a list of things that makes you a good friend, we’d guess that wishing your the people in your life a happy birthday would be somewhere on the list. Right? We hope so. Birthdays are kind of a big deal (by which we mean yes, really a big deal). Wishing your friends a happy birthday is just part of the deal — if not you, then who?! And while simply sending your wishes is a start — sending a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ text message just doesn’t cut it. If you’re thinking that writing an email or posting on your friend’s Facebook wall is any better — guess again.

Cute dog with party hat and birthday cake

If you want your friend(s) to really feel special on their birthday you’ll send them a card. It doesn’t take much effort (a few minutes — max), but it makes such a big difference in their day. Who wouldn’t want that?! Aside from being a kind gesture, sending birthday cards for friends can be fun! Picking out the card design that totally speaks to your friendship is kind of like a treasure hunt. Lucky for you, there’s a ton of great birthday cards for friends to choose from and we’ve compiled this fun list so you don’t even have to go searching for them. Go ahead, browse through this epic list and see which card(s) pop out for each one of your friendships. Continue reading

10 Stylish Beard Styles For the Groom

Right now, there’s no denying that beards are super trendy. Rocking a beard for your wedding can help you show off your personality and style, especially in the wedding photos you will be showing family and friends for years to come (and likely using for your wedding photo thank you cards). Don’t fret if a beard isn’t already your signature style, prepping for your big day is a great time to try out something new. Here are 10 very stylish beards for help fuel your inspiration, brought to you by Harry’s, the company that is redefining shaving. Try one or try them all!

Beautiful young bride and groom on a meadow in the evening, holding sparklers.

Start playing around with your facial hair a few months before your wedding to give yourself time to try different styles and decide how long you will need to let your facial grow if you’re not trying to show up clean shaven. Depending on if you want some scruff, just a mustache or a long, styled beard you can plan how long you can go from a clean shave to the length of facial hair you desire. Plus, you will want to sport facial hair that allows you to show of your personal style and accentuates your best features, after all this is your wedding! Just like you plan out your suit, shoes and hair, planning your facial hair is a must, so here are some looks to try out before you head down the aisle. Continue reading

18 Quirky AF Puppy Names & Puppy Announcements For Your New Little Friend

So you’ve got a new furry family member in the house! How exciting!?! Seriously, we’re kind of jealous (by which we mean really really jealous). The question now lies — how will you share the big news with all your friends and family? Sure, you could post a little something to social media, but why not make the announcement more special? After all, your mail box has been full of birth announcements lately — why not share your big news in the same official manner? Puppy Announcements are totally a thing and we say — why not?! Dogs are family too. Checkout some adorable puppy announcements below and customize them with your doggie’s info! Best part is, Postable will print address and mail them all out for you– giving you some extra time to go off to the park and play fetch and what not.
Dog breed Welsh corgi pembroke for a walk in the beautiful forest.

But first… What will you name the little buddy? Looking to name your new friend something unusually awesome? We got you. Along with the most adorable puppy announcements you’ve ever seen here is a list of 18 quirky AF puppy names you can use with your newest little furry friend. Continue reading

Funny Greeting Cards For the Wacky AF National Holidays in July

Every now and then a random holiday will pop up on our feed that will have us scrolling for hours through pictures of yummy donuts and popcorn (because Instagram is mesmerizing). So for the month of July, we’ve compiled the list of upcoming such holidays along with some funny greeting cards you can send to celebrate. And this time, you can surprise one of your lucky friends with a card wishing them a Happy French Fries Day — in your own special way. Sometimes, if you’re real lucky you’ll be able to wish them a happy birthday AND one of these wacky holidays. These funny greeting cards won’t send themselves (well, sort of — but you’ll have to click send first).

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6 Adorable Baby Shower Themes You Can Actually Use

The first step to hosting a stellar baby shower is choosing a stellar baby shower theme. It can be really fun (and easy) to start to get ahead of yourself with planning all the little details for the big day — the tiny bottle drinks and the colorful banners. But before you go too far into planning all the minor details, you’ll want to start by looking at the bigger picture. Choosing baby shower themes can be a bit overwhelming at first. But once you’ve chosen one, it will help you with the rest of the planning by being the central focal point. If you’re short on time — who isn’t — then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of the internet’s (thanks to the delightful wide world of Pinterest) most exciting baby shower themes with ideas that you can actually use.Female friends meeting for baby shower at home. Woman hugging expecting mother at baby shower. Continue reading

10 Cute Slumber Party Invitations & Ideas You Can Actually Use

Remember the good ole’ school days of having your friends over for dinner, running around the neighborhood and hosting friends over for slumber parties? Watching movies, eating snacks and chit chatting the night away with your besties? Ok, so maybe you’re doing all of that now — awesome! Perhaps your kiddos have been wanting to host a slumber party of their own and while you’re totally up to speed when it comes to adult snacking (hellllo red wine & cheese), the kids have a slightly different idea of what tasty looks like. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with all things slumber party related — from the cutest slumber party invitations to decorations your kids will love (and ones you can actually do).
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46 Apps to Help With Adulting

So you’ve graduated from school, said good-bye to all of your college buddies and have moved away to a brand new city into a brand new place. Everything is new and shiny. Until you realize that nobody told you how to adult. What’s a bill? Thank you notes are a must? Did someone say something about cooking? Your head might be spinning, but not to worry — there’s an app for there. Actually an app for all of that. Being an adult isn’t as scary as it sounds — at least not for the most part. Yes, your responsibility to-do list has more than likely doubled in the last few months, but embrace it! Go ahead and bask in your new adulting glory and go forth to slay all that has to do with being grown AF. After all, now you can eat all the ice cream you want and nobody will judge you (well, mostly nobody). That’s the beauty of being all grown up.Attractive cheerful brunette woman reading sms near the stone wall and using 4g internetOn the down side, there’s a bunch of new stuff you have to take care of and not much more time. Thankfully you’re new to adulting in the age of all things tech. There’s an app for everything — including how to adult. We’ve compiled the ultimate list here just for you so browse away and be the best adult version of yourself possible. Continue reading